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One Week to Breathe


Well, here we are- one week from meeting our new baby girl. In true end of pregnancy fashion, I'm in nesting mode. I'll have moments of sheer exhaustion, followed by bursts of energy in which I feel like I need to do everything from mopping floors and organizing clothes to working and prepping everything at home for the change that is soon to come. It's such a funny thing. The kids both being back in school for a week and a half before the baby arrives is so nice- I feel like I have a few moments to myself to simply breathe.

Wake-up times are early, but we've found a new groove with the kids' schedules for the new school year. I'll have to rely on my husband a bit more in the mornings and evenings for several weeks after Baby C's arrival, but we'll work through that as best we can and find yet another new groover with our new little one.

The kids are counting down the days until Baby C arrives. I'm filled with excitement, dreading the surgery aspect of it all, and of course, COVID has me worried, as well. I'll go for my pre-op visit this Friday, and will know my surgery time on Tuesday. I so hate having to wait until the day before to be able to call and find out what time to report for surgery. It makes planning so difficult with two other kiddos to have to worry about.

In the coming days, we have much to celebrate. Lots of family birthdays, which will bring us together for a Labor Day BBQ (on my husband's birthday). The kids are looking forward to a day off from school, and I'm looking forward to us being able to spend time together right before our world changes again.

What do you have planned for the upcoming holiday weekend? 
Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy a safe, fun time with folks you love being around!


  1. I know you are excites, busy and worries all at the same time. Take a breather over this holiday weekend!


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