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One Flew From the Nest Over the Weekend


Well...the time has finally come that one of my baby birds leaves the nest. We had a whirlwind Labor Day weekend! 

Patton and his partner have been together for a few years now, with their relationship being long-distance. Now that they are engaged and his partner has his own apartment, they made the decision to move in together. 

We looked at our calendar the last full week of August - my husband and I are both teachers, so we realized the move would have to be Labor Day weekend or wait until Christmas break. We decided to pack and go this past weekend, giving us about 10 days to get everything ready.

Patton started packing with help from my amazing mother. I booked a rental moving truck for our 18+ hour drive to Minnesota, found halfway to get a hotel room, ordered boxes and got some from the local alcohol beverage store, helped pack, booked a flight home for me, and booked a place to stay while there. 

We traveled through seven states. My favorite states were West Virginia for the Appalachian Mountains and Iowa for the never-ending fields of corn and windmills. I was thankful for the time on the road with him. 

This was not a cheap move but worth every penny to see the happiness on their faces! It is hard to let go and watch them grow up. 

Before I flew home, I took my baby out for coffee one last time. We had a heart-to-heart about living on his own and I shared the importance of making sure your partner hears your ideas and that if you don't agree, keep discussing the matter until you can come to a compromise that suits both people. 

I will miss him wonderfully, but I look forward to hearing all about his Minnesota adventures!



  1. Sounds like you had a good trip all in all. I know you will miss him but I wish the best for him.


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