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Leap into Fall with Ana K and Liz Rettiz Cosmetics! #MBPFALL21 #REVIEW


Thanks to Ana K Cosmetics and Liz Rettiz for providing these products in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

Readers, I don't know about you, but I am ready for the fall! In my part of coastal North Carolina, honestly fall doesn't mean much. It stays hot through September, well into October, and sometimes even November. Typically, there is a shift when you notice the change in the air, the slightly cooler breezes coming inland, and eventually, plop, its freezing cold.

With the shift in weather, comes a shift in how our skin responds to the weather! In hot temps, my face is relatively oily, from heat, humidity, and perspiration. Yet, as soon as the breeze blows in, my skin turns dry and remains so until spring's arrival. 

After months of basking in the summer sun, it's time to replenish and repair your skin with some great products! We all know the effects of summer sun, but we choose to enjoy those rays anyway. 

Ana K Cosmetics has some wonderful collections to suit every skin type and need! From the Clean Beauty Line to Toners, there is something to help your skin stay fresh, healthy, and youthful. Most products are offered in full and travel size, which is great for those of you who are on the road alot!

Ana K's Anti Aging Toner will increase the youthful component of your skin by revitalizing cells and ridding the skin of excess oil! This toner is great for those who need some help maintaining smooth appearances as it's fruit acids, it's green tea extract, and it's panthenol all work together to create an extra moisture barrier that enhances our skin's outer layer. Use daily and after cleansing for best results! This toner does tingle when applied, so don't be alarmed!

Ana K's Sulphur and Salicylic Toner is suited for those with oily to combination skin. Say goodbye to those pesky outbreaks because this toner will help rid skin of excess oil and revitalize pores. Best for acne-prone skin, the witch hazel, Sulphur, azelaic acid, and salicyclic acid all work together to help skin be the heathiest it can! 

Not only does our skin-care routine need a fall upgrade, but so does our makeup routine! 

Liz Rettiz Cosmetics offers some great products to replace those aged need to throw out items in our beauty kits. From foundation to lips, Liz Rettiz is here to help you feel your best!  The products are cruelty free, affordable, and aim to assist animal rescues via donations. The company tries its best to be ethically responsible, sustainable, and community- driven. 

Like with every product, we try to hold onto it as long as we can.. yet, there are times when we need to chunk our lip-glosses and lipsticks. If you are like me, and haven't worn much make up because of the pandemic, well, its time to go through your stock. 

We are supposed to toss our glosses every 6-8  months and sticks every year or so, because bacteria builds up. Of course, the tube hanging out at the bottom of our bags and purses in summer humidity doesn't help prevent bacteria either! It's so hard giving up that favorite, but when the gloss becomes chunky, or the stick has melted from the umpteenth time of leaving it in the car too long, it's time to find a new one!

Check out Liz Rettiz's lip line. From liquid lipstick regular creamy lipstick, there has to be a color to suit your outfit, mood, or style! I was sent a liquid lipstick in Hunter. Liquid lipstick applies like a gloss, but then it's texture feels more like a stick. This is a great multi-use color for me.. and while I'm not wearing much make-up today, it still stands out!

Liquid Lipstick Color: Hunter

Not only does Liz Rettiz supply all of our make-up needs, but their scrubs will leave us feeling refreshed and relaxed too! Both body and facial scrubs, such as the Sunflower Facial Scrub, renew our dead skin leaving us looking refreshed and smooth! 

This fall, check out Ana K Cosmetics and Liz Rettiz Cosmetics for all of your skincare and make-up needs! It's time to update your collection!

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What part of your beauty routine do you need to upgrade this fall? 

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