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How To Get Toddlers To Eat More Greens


Does your toddler get enough green vegetables in his or her diet? Consuming enough green veggies and other immunity boosting foods for kids is essential for your child to grow up healthy and strong, but many parents struggle to convince their kids to eat and enjoy their greens at every meal. Fortunately, you can rectify this issue by taking a few clever approaches to ease your child into eating more greens. If this has been an issue for your family, consider trying these simple strategies today.

Incorporate Greens Into Your Child’s Favorite Meals

One quick, easy and sneaky way to get your child enjoying more preservative free foods is to mix a little bit of a new type of green vegetable into a meal you already know your child loves. This method introduces a new ingredient and encourages your child to eat the greens without making the transition too sudden or unpleasant. You can combine greens and just about any kid-friendly recipe with enough creativity, but if you want some tried-and-true kid favorites to work your magic with, you might consider whipping up some:

  • Macaroni and cheese with broccoli

  • Chicken breast with roasted brussels sprouts

  • Pasta dishes with mixed vegetables

  • Egg omelets with sautéed spinach

  • Pork dumplings with edamame beans

Expose Your Kids To a Range of Vegetables at Every Meal

If you started using Wellements organic vitamin D for babies with your child at a young age, you may already be familiar with the importance of providing your little one with good nutrition. Even if you plan to provide your toddler with a multivitamin as he or she gets older, working a range of greens into each meal can help your child develop a healthy taste for nutrient-rich foods early on. Make sure you:

  • Provide a wide variety of vegetables throughout the week so your child can find the ones he or she likes best

  • Talk about the taste of each vegetable with your child to help him or her understand how different flavors combine

  • Find different ways to cook your kid’s favorite greens to shake things up while providing him or her with essential nutrients

Make Meals More Interactive and Ask Kids To Help You Cook

Lastly, making food a hands-on experience and teaching your child to handle and cook greens can help get him or her more interested in actually eating the greens. Making every meal an interactive experience and getting your kids to help out in the kitchen can:

  • Provide your child with extra motivation to taste-test the food

  • Create an emotional connection to the dish

  • Teach your child valuable cooking skills

  • Help your child gain experience working with different types of greens

If you’ve been struggling to get your little one to consume more green vegetables, you may feel you’re at the end of your rope. However, there are several fun and clever ways to introduce more greens into your toddler’s diet and to encourage your young child to enjoy vegetables on a regular basis. To raise your child with healthy eating habits, try out some of these easy tips at your next family mealtime.

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