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How to find reputable SARMs in Australia?


SARMs or selective androgen receptor modulators are substances that have become very popular within the bodybuilding community in the last few years. These chemicals can provide enormous lean muscle gains in a short amount of time.

Due to the fact they are somewhere within the legal gray area, it is very important to find reputable SARMs in Australia like Evolve Clinics Research.

Buying from companies such as Evolve Clinics Research is always a safe bet. However, if you wish to do the browsing yourself, there are several things you need to be mindful of. Like with most research substances, you need to know what you're buying and that you're buying it from the right source.

Before we share a few tips that will help you find reputable SARMs in Australia, let’s talk about the products’ legality.

Are SARMs legal in Australia?

When it comes to SARMs, things are completely different in Australia compared to the rest of the world. While these products are legal in all other countries and regions, you can’t buy them legally in Australia. SARMs are categorized as Schedule 4 prescription drugs meaning that you need a doctor's prescription to obtain them. Unfortunately, most medical professionals won't give you the prescription. 

The good thing is that there aren't any major ramifications for using SARMs. They do differ depending on the state or territory. In the worst-case scenario, a person can be sentenced to 6 months of prison. However, it is highly unlikely that a person will be sentenced for this transgression. Although there are numerous bodybuilding and fitness experts using these products, they are rarely, if ever, penalized for that. 

What can you buy these products in Australia? 

There are several things you need to consider when it comes to buying SARMs:

  • Purity of products

  • Positive reviews and public reputation

  • Age of the company

  • Shipping and other policies

Let’s go through all these factors individually, and see why they’re so important.

  1. Purity of the products

The first and most important thing is considering the quality of the products. Although you might think that all these substances are the same, there are no laws or regulations that would address this potential issue. Even worse, there are no laws that would sanction a SARM company that tinkers with the original formula.  

So, you can get all sorts of random products when you buy SARMs from an unproven provider. As a result, a user will not experience the same gains as with the original chemical. This also increases the chance of drawbacks.  

It is very important to go with a company that has third-party lab testing. The practice of testing chemicals is common for various supplements. It is even more important for products that weren’t approved by the regulatory bodies (such as the case with SARMs). 

When a third-party lab performs a test, you will be able to tell with utmost certainty that this product is legit and created according to specifications. The testing needs to be performed by an unbiased organization as this is the only way to be sure that the results are correct. 

  1. Positive reviews and public reputation

Nowadays, it is fairly easy and straightforward to check the legitimacy of a company. All you need to do is search them in Google, and you will get all sorts of public reviews and feedback. 

Keep in mind that businesses often tinker with these reviews. Sometimes, the competition will create fake accounts just to smear the name of others. So, you need to be very meticulous when making a decision.

Besides public reviews, you can also check if the company was featured on other websites and news outlets. This is a good indication that they're reputable and famous enough to gain public coverage.

  1. Age of the company

The age of the company is closely related to reputation. Usually, you can rest assured that an older company will always have good SARMs on its hands. However, there is also a tendency for older, more reputable businesses to have pricier supplements. So, you might be better off finding a company that is not that well established but can still provide high quality items.

  1. Shipping and other policies

Due to the nature of these products, having a good refund policy is very important. This is coupled with other policies and practices such as expected shipping time, and shipping guarantee. Given that Australia is not that big of a market like the US, you need to find a provider that will send quality products your way within a week or so. 

Writer’s bio: Nikolay Stoyanov has been practicing cannabis and marijuana SEO for 6 years now. He’s one of the pioneers of the CBD and cannabis marketing industry in the US. Nik started learning SEO in 2007 for the past 13 years he’s invested all his time, energy and love to master his SEO skills. 

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