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Guide to Finding the Best Plastic Surgeon in Singapore

 Early signs of aging like wrinkles, sunspots, fine lines, crow’s feet, etc. can motivate a person to go under needles and knives to restore their youthfulness. Plastic surgery has the potential to make you look just the way you want to. The genes in a person determine the way they look and getting cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks seems like a great option. 

So here are some tips you might consider before planning on such a big change and investment-

Consult people who have experienced this aesthetic game first handed-

Find out friends or family, colleague, or acquaintances that have gone under some aesthetic procedure. Though everyone’s body reacts differently to a procedure, from reacting to anesthesia to recovery and healing, they can give you the rundown of the process undertook by the plastic surgeon. Provide you with the gist of the entire procedure, pain rate, precautions, etc. Talking to a physician assistant, nurse practitioner or nurse can prove to be very helpful in knowing the steps and getting it clear that can you do it or not.

Research on the doctor-

Though discussion with an experienced one is helpful the boost of confidence will only be provided by your research. Research on the establishment where you are planning to get your procedure. Research on the staff, emergency units, aftercare, successful procedure rates, and customer reviews, etc. In addition, check the details of the doctor you are going to trust with it their specialty, qualifications, experience, and credentials. 

Gather information on the entire team who is going to perform the procedure-

Make sure your head plastic surgeon is not just equipped in non-invasive processes like injectables for instance Botox, chemical peels, laser treatments, and dermabrasions. These procedures are complicated but not as much as those performed by an accredited plastic surgeon.

So, make sure that your head doctor is a well-practicing MD and has dealt with cases like yours. They should be well capable of performing and should have good and deep knowledge about the procedure.

Affiliation with other hospitals-

If the surgeon you are considering getting your procedure done by has their center and they are just handling patients and procedure there. If they do not have any affiliation, do not practice in big hospitals and do not have a variety of patients then it’s a big red flag.

Be an open book-

Be transparent to your plastic surgeon as these will help you monitor your compatibility with the doctor. Letting them know all the things about your routine, any past mental or physical problems, and many things. Being open with your surgeon will give you more room to trust the process and be a healthy skeptic.

Don’t hesitate in asking about anything and everything about the procedure, dos, and don't aftercare, healing, pain, etc with your doctor.

Lastly, just be sure that you are looking for a plastic surgeon who is helpful, polite highly skilled with a knife, has cooperative staff, spotless office for hygiene purposes. With all this, just listen to your gut and take as much time as you want to be sure and ready for the procedure.

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