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Embrace Fall With Sweet Southern Caramels #MBPFALL21 #Review


A Big Thank You to Southern Caramel for sending these delicious treats in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

Full confession: I've never much liked sticky chewy concoctions. It's not only a texture thing but for man years, I couldn't eat such delights.  Oral gadgets and braces prevented the consumption of airheads, twizzlers, gum, and of course, caramels. This included caramel apples, candies, and even some desserts. 

Fast forward to my 30 something years, and I've fallen back in love with these wonderful delights. Yet, they are so hard to find! But, a perfect gift to loved ones (and one's self), these sweet wonderful concoctions can be found through Southern Caramel!

This wonderful Florida based company uses simple ingredients to create the most flavorful product that will literally melt in your mouth! Using cane sugar, cream, and butter these made from scratch delights don't have any preservatives or artificial flavorings in them. Only the best good stuff for these small batch candies! 

Southern Caramels have a shelf life of up to 4 months and can last a year in the fridge. These sweets are way better than any commercial product because the company takes time to make sure the caramelization process is done right! The best part- they donate 10% of their sales back to organizations that help people in need! Their goal is to impact people- customers with their caramels, and those in need of help. 

Try out their fabulous sea salt caramel and you won't be disappointed! I was also sent the Bourbon and Coffee Flavorings too.  Sea Salt is listed as their top seller and I can definitely understand why. The flavorings are hard to describe, but they are perfect! The caramelization is honestly the best and the sea salt comes out strong.

Bourbon was my second winner. It is flavorful but not too powerful. I have to say, while I love coffee, the flavoring of that particular caramel wasn't my favorite. I can't describe a reason why, other than all of our palates are different! 

Of course, as we jump into fall, everything pumpkin related pops up- so while I didn't receive it, I'm sure that Southern Caramel's Pumpkin Spice and Apple Cider flavorings are on point as much as the other ones. 

IF you are looking for a unique gift, or maybe a unique pick me up to get you through another round of whatever this fall throws at us, Southern Caramel is a definite winner! 

Caramels can be purchased in quarter pound, half pound, and pound quantities. Prices range from $8.00-$30.00. 

Custom Flavorings, Sets, and Corporate gifts are available upon request. Wouldn't this be such a unique gift to send out this fall for your wedding party? Prepackaged Gift Sets are available too- so if you have a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or just want to send a care package to a stressed out school teacher this fall, Southern Caramel has something for you! 

These sweets will literally melt in your mouth, have the perfect flavor, and will impress your loved ones for sure! They will definitely leave you wanting more. Like the old saying goes, "bet you can't eat just one!" 

Want it? Get it! 

Grab a wonderful fall flavor, like Pumpkin Spice, or a classic, like Sea Salt, from Southern Caramel! Each package is beautiful wrapped with care! 

Shipping is via USPS and arrives within 2-3 days. Southern Caramel does ship all year but doesn't use any type of cold packs. If receiving your caramels on a particularly "hot southern day", like I did, rest your caramels in a cool dark place. Actually, that's recommended in general, to get the best flavoring! 

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Have you ever tried a caramel before?

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