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DIY Guide: How To Make Wax Melts With Perfume


Our sense of smell helps us connect with the world around us. Because scents possess the ability to influence emotions and well-being, an exciting way to create an atmosphere of physical and emotional wellness is by melting wax with perfume. Perhaps, you’ve not tried this before but looking to create something similar for yourself or a romantic date for two, here’s a DIY guide on how to make wax melt with perfume.

Fragrance to select.

Everyone has a favorite perfume, it’s just that you may not know it yet if you have taken time out to go fragrance-hinting. If you don’t have a specific fragrance in mind, choosing one can be a bit of a task. But the great thing about perfumes is that they have a way of speaking with your senses, emotions, and even memories you have totally forgotten about. One whiff and those sweet memories can come, rushing in. To make things easier, you can find a list of designer fragrances at parfumdreams.ie. 

From flower-based scents to fruit/ food-smelling fragrances like vanilla, chocolate and so on, the list is almost endless from the options to select. What’s more, if you are aiming at spicing up your romance life, aromatic oils reputed for aphrodisiac capabilities like cinnamon, patchouli, bergamot, etc are options you can choose from.

Factors to consider

After deciding which perfume you want, knowing how to correctly mix the fragrance of your wax melts is important if you want to ensure your melts throw the correct sent intensity. What’s more, the combination of fragrance oil to the wax could also impair the wax melt’s stability, if not properly done. Now, the amount of fragrance oil you want to go into your wax is guided by three main factors.

  • The wax quality.

  • The fragrance oil’s flashpoint ( the temperature the oil begins to evaporate of give off scents)

  • The intensity you want the perfume to give off scents.

The flash point is the most important. If you have a fragrance oil with a low flash point, e.g., 60°C. Adding it to a heated wax that has been heated hot to about 80°C will cause all the scent to evaporate quickly even before the wax cools.

The ratio of fragrance/perfume oil to your wax.

Naturally, most wax will hold about 12% fragrance. However, we usually recommend 10% to ensure the stability of the wax. Meaning, if you want the candle and oil to weigh 100g, the wax will be 909 while the oil is 10g. This ration allows a high-medium scent depending on the natural strength of the fragrance. If you want only a subtle or gentle scent throw, perhaps, in a small you don’t want a scent choking scenario, you can use about 6% fragrance oil or 94% wax.

Combine the fragrance and wax.

Melt your wax in a mixing bowl by microwaving until it becomes a clear liquid. Pour into a jar containing your measured perfume oil and stir quickly. At this point, drop and anchored wick into the centre of the oil and wax combo. The anchored end sinks to the bottom of the jar, while you place the other end of the wick on the edge of the jar. Allow it to cool and harden for six hours before snipping the excess above the wax and you are good to go.

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