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Clear Your Online Presence with These Tips


You might not realize it, but a lot of what you do online leaves behind a bit of information about you. From the cookies that you accumulate as you browse websites, to the accounts that you set up for doing things like shop or interact with your friends on social media, your online presence might be bigger than you think. So, what can you do if you want to start clearing your online presence? Well, you can begin by following the tips below. 

Remove Your Information from Websites That Have It on Display

To get an idea of how large your online presence is, it is a good idea to start by doing a simple search using Google. Type your full name into the search box to see what results appear. Are there websites that you contributed to at some point? Perhaps you wrote an article or you left a comment on a webpage? Well, if you no longer want that info to be online for all to see, you can contact website owners to ask them if they’d remove that content, and you can also go about seeing if you can delete comments that you’d left over time. 

What you might realize is that there are also people search websites that are displaying your information. These same outlets might even be making it easy for anyone to run a background check on you. When it comes to clearing your online presence, you’ll want to go through the process of having these sites remove your information. 

Here are three people search websites that might have listings with your contact details, age, family members’ names, and more:

  • Radaris is a people search site that many individuals use when searching for information on others, so if your information is on there, just move through the Radaris opt out instructions. 

  • FastPeopleSearch is another page that’s worth checking. They also have instructions for removal of your listings, so look for the FastPeopleSearch opt out page. 

  • SearchPeopleFree might make it easy for strangers to find information about you. Once again, you can find a SearchPeopleFree opt out page for removal instructions. 

Delete Your Social Media Accounts

If you are serious about wiping your online presence, you will also want to remove yourself from social media. There might be several of these platforms that you signed up for throughout the years, and you might have shared quite a bit of information about yourself as well. 

See if you can back up your profile information so you can save much, or even all, of the content that you shared on your social media accounts. Then, move through the process of deactivating and removing the accounts so that they will no longer be searchable. 

Get Rid of Any Other Accounts You Still Have

You probably have many other online accounts, in addition to your social media accounts, right? Well, to clear your online presence, you’ll want to get rid of those as well. Perhaps you will decide to only keep the ones you really need, but you might be ready to delete newsletter subscriptions, forum accounts, gaming accounts, and certain online shopping accounts. 

After following the tips above, think about whether or not there are any other sites that might still be showcasing your information or that might still be holding your information. If that’s the case, just go through and request that those be deleted too. 

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