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Beautifully Handwoven OLIVE & LINEN Turkish Peshmatel Towels and Robes #MBPGIFTGUIDE21 #REVIEW

Looking for beautiful, absorbent towels to replace your bulky towels? Olive & Linen has beautifully handwoven Turkish peshtamel towels for your home that are so soft and lovely to use.

Olivie & Linen is a home textile company founded by a mother of four who was tired of doing endless loads of laundry filled with bulky towels that took up way too much space and were a real pain to lug around for beach trips. She turned to flat-woven Turkish towels in order to declutter, streamline and simplify both her linen closet and her life. The quality of the mass-produced Turkish towels left her feeling underwhelmed. Many of the widely available flat-woven towels were made from lower-grade cotton and even contained synthetic materials that resulted in nonabsorbent and unsustainable towels. 

Amber Linen Turkish Towel Set

Her quest for high-quality Turkish towels prompted her to partner with her brother in Turkey and start Olive & Linen in 2016 with the goal of making premium handcrafted textiles available at an affordable price. Their textiles are handwoven on manual looms by mainly female artisans right in their homes in a small town in Turkey. They support these families whose generational craft has largely been taken over by machine weaving. They use the highest grade, 100% long-staple Turkish cotton that is free of harmful chemicals. The premium fibers and the weaving techniques used, result in super-soft, highly absorbent, and durable towels that are ethically made, quality products.

Peshtemal is a flat woven authentic Turkish towel, especially well suited to our modern way of life. It is absorbent, lightweight, quick-drying, and most importantly eco-friendly. It takes up less space in the laundry and requires significantly less water and energy in the washer/dryer. You can even skip the dryer completely and just hang it to dry. The peshtemals stay fresh longer and become even softer and more absorbent after each wash.

It is so soft and versatile! Traveling is so much easier with the peshtemal. No need to pack half a suitcase full of terry towels for your next family vacation. Our peshtemals are ultra-lightweight and roll into a compact size. Especially great for the beach as the flat weave does not pick up sand. Just shake it off and you are good to go.

Amber Linen Turkish Towel Robe

I love how absorbent they are! You wouldn’t think they would be so, but they are! I am in love with my luxurious Amber Linen Turkish Towel Robe! It is so comfy - lightweight, but warm. Not to mention how absolutely gorgeous it is! I have a feeling it will be my staple this fall and winter around the house!

Want it? Get it!

Go get your own exquisitely handwoven Turkish towels or robes at Olive & Linen on their website!

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