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7 Laws You Should Know if You’re in Texas



The Lone Star State. 

If you’re planning on visiting or moving there, awesome. 

You’re going to love it. 

From their fairly ‘libertarian’ stance on some laws (and strict policies on others) to the wide-open spaces to the beautiful landscape, to the amazing food—there’s something in Texas for everyone. 

But what should you know ahead of time if you plan to visit?

Well, that’s a good question. And in this post, you’re going to learn 7 laws that anyone visiting Texas should be familiar with. 

Texas certainly has its fair share of controversial and polarizing laws. And in this post, you’re going to learn about a few of them.

It’s time to put on your ten-gallon hat. These Texas laws are about to blow your mind. 

1. Permitless Carry

According to HB 1927, Texans ages 21 and over who aren’t prohibited due to past criminal activity can now carry handguns without any type of certification or license. 

Obviously, Texans still need to pass a Federal background check to buy a handgun. But they can now carry them openly and freely without a license, training, or any type of certificate. 

It’s the wild west once again, right? Only in Texas. 

2. It’s A Felony To Block Emergency Vehicles While Demonstrating

HB 9 effectively makes it a felony for demonstrators to knowingly block roadways if emergency vehicles are present. 

This includes police cars. 

3. Medical Marijuana

According to HB 1535, medical marijuana rights were expanded. Now, people with any form of post-traumatic stress disorder or cancer can get access to low-THC cannabis for medical purposes. 

The Texas Compassionate Use Program also allows people with autism and epilepsy to access medical marijuana as well. 

Thankfully, applying for a medical marijuana card in Texas is also an easy process. 

Medical and even recreational marijuana use is a growing trend across the United States. 

And while Texas is a lot more conservative on marijuana than most other states in the country—from the looks of it, even the Lone Star State is jumping onto the bandwagon in its own big ol’ ‘Texas way.’  

4. Police Body Cameras

According to HB 929, police officers in Texas are required to wear body cameras during the entire length of active investigations. 

This is becoming more common all across the United States. And it sounds like Texans are in favor of it. 

5. No Homeless Camping

According to HB 1925, camping in unapproved public places is now a misdemeanor crime. This crime can carry a fine of up to $500. 

What makes this particular law even more specific is that individual cities can’t opt out of the ban. It’s effective state-wide. 

In other words, if you were planning on camping in that unapproved area under the overpass during your stay—you may want to consider an approved campground or hotel room instead. 

At the very least, you might try an AirBnB. 

6. No More Critical Race Theory In Schools

This is one of the more recent controversial laws to be passed in Texas. House Bill 3979 is a complicated law pertaining to how social studies are taught in Texas public schools. 

It mandates a list of published historic materials that must be taught. 

But many people are unofficially calling it a ‘critical race theory’ ban, because it compels teachers who discuss current events to “give deference to both sides.” 

Opponents of this law say that it’s politically motivated and that it’ll limit important conversations about racism. Proponents say that it’ll protect children from being exposed to ‘personal prejudice’ from teachers regarding current events. 

This is an important bill if you have an opinion about the education system in America. It’s a polarizing topic. Some are for it and some are against it. 

But if you’re thinking about moving to Texas and have children who will be attending school, it might be an important law to understand. 

7. Beekeeping Is Now Easier In Texas

According to a specific Texas Ag Exemption, you can get a break on your property taxes if you take up beekeeping! 

The law was reportedly originally passed to help save the bees in Texas. And from the sound of it, many Texans have taken up the mantle! 

There are now plenty of weekend beekeepers working diligently to save these little flying pollinators—and they’re saving plenty of money on property taxes in the meantime. 


There you have it!

7 laws that you should definitely know about if you plan to either move-to or visit the Lone Star State. 

Of course, these are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many laws in Texas that we haven’t covered here. 

But these are definitely some of the most recent and interesting laws that have been passed in Texas. 

For a more complete list of Texas laws and legislation, you can visit the Texas Legislature Online

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