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Worst Case Scenario Card Game Available at Target! #Review #MBPBACKTOSCHOOL21


Thank you to All Things Equal and KidsStuff PR for this wonderful game in exchange for a review! All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Friends, I admit, I'm not a big games person. As a child, we had the essentials in the house- Monopoly, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Candyland, Operation.. but that was about the extent of my game playing soul. Card games- well, forget those. Too complicated to keep track of, too much energy and time wasted to understand instructions. 

Then, I became a youth director. I'm constantly looking for quick and easy games to take on retreats and use in downtime. While I still don't like card games (think those fast place games like spoons), I'm more apt to ease my way into board games these days. 

During the Pandemic, of course, we reverted to all online games, mostly from Jackbox, and I discovered that my middle school students love weird and zany "would you rather" type games! 

If you discovered that your family game night is indeed, in need of an upgrade, after a year and half's worth of usage, then look no further. All Things Equal Tabletop Game Company has done it again! After bringing us the Loaded Questions brand, this company ups it "game" selection with a brand- new one.. that emerged from the pandemic! 

If you love zany scenarios, a little bit of competition, and are okay with some fun, the Worst- Case Scenario Card game is definitely for your family! 

Worst- Case Scenario is a card game that is exclusively at Target. Based off of Joshua Piven's and David Borgenicht's "Worst Case Scenario Surival Handbook", this game ponders zany topics and impossible situations. 

This game is best for ages 10+, for those who love random situations, and there is no trivia attached! 

The ultimate go- to to test survival skills, this game will surely make you think what scenario you could play out better, and what's the worst! Meant for 3+ players, compete against each others thoughts and rankings to find the worse case scenario!

A daring game of  would you rather, the Worst Case Scenario game will make you choose and rank adventures, such as: 

Discovering Human Remains Buried in your Basement or  Time Machine Breaks after taking you to the year 1250. 

Or perhaps, you need to determine what's worse: 

Be the only person in the world to see ghosts or be recruited to colonize Mars. 

Players have the joyful experience of ranking scenarios on a 1-5 experience. Is your scenario bad, horrible, or the absolute worst? Only the victim knows! 

This game uses a "Victim" card, worst case scenario cards, and a points chart to determine winners. 225 Cards will have you rolling on the floor as you and your team mates determine the best.. erm.. worst scenarios possible. Can you imagine the outcomes? 

Points are given by scoring rank according to the Victim's rank. The player with the most points after 12 rounds of the game is declared as the winner. 

So, which worse case scenario will be the worst for you? Grab this game and spice up your card game life this fall! Whether it's your immediate family, or game night with your inner circle, you can't go wrong with Worst Case Scenario!

I'm hoping that my middle schoolers can meet in person this fall and I know that they will absolutely love this game! These worst- case scenarios are right up their alley- after all, its mostly what they talk about every time we gather together online!  

We are proud to feature the Worst Case Scenario Card Game in our 2021 Back to School Guide!

Want it? Get it!

The Worst-Case Scenario® Card Game • Ages 10+ • $19.99

Purchase from Target  online or in your local store!! 

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