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What You Need to Know Before Moving to Arizona


If all you know about Arizona is rattlesnakes and tumbleweed, you’re missing out on one of the most affordable, entertaining, and eye-catching states in the good ol’ US of A. If you’re on the fence about moving to the Copper State, here’s some info that might help show you the light.

A Low Cost of Living, A High Quality of Life

If you don’t mind the warm, dry climate, Arizona is a great place to live, thanks first and foremost to its low cost of living. Though sale prices on houses are slightly above the national average, rent for Phoenix, Tuscon, and Glendale apartments typically hovers around the $1,000 mark.

Furthermore, the job market has seen a healthy revitalization, with Apple investing $2 billion (yes, that’s billion-with-a-b) into the construction of a new data center in Mesa and Lucid Motors selecting the state for its electric car manufacturing operations, bringing an estimated 2,000 new jobs and $700 million to the region by 2022.

High employment rate often means a decent amount of money to spend shopping. That is why Arizona is a home of some of the shopaholics' heavens, from the country's best shopping malls, to top-rated local jewelry stores.

Add to that the fact that a booming tourism trade courtesy of the Grand Canyon saves Arizona locals $1,000 in taxes each year, and it’s clear that Arizona has a lot to offer fiscally minded transplants.

The Great Outdoors Don’t Get Much Greater

Speaking of the Grand Canyon, nature lovers are in for a treat. As if having one of seven natural wonders of the world right next door wasn’t enough, Arizona has long been famous for its wealth of stunning landscapes and scenic views.

For anyone who likes spending time in the great outdoors, Arizona is home to more than 30 state parks. In fact, there’s more wilderness land in Arizona alone than in every Midwestern state put together (yes, really). That means there’s no shortage of hiking, biking, camping, swimming, or boating opportunities.

And if you think Arizona is nothing but deserts and cactus, here’s something that might surprise you: North Arizona is dominated by lush green forests full of spruce trees, pines, and Douglas firs. Oh yeah, and sometimes, it even snows.

There’s Plenty of Fun In (and Out of) the Sun

Arizonans love their natural landscapes, but wilderness activities aren’t the only thing that the state has to offer. Thanks to bustling and diverse metropolises like Phoenix, Mesa, and Tuscon, Arizona has developed a thriving, eclectic, and exciting arts and entertainment scene.

Consider some of the musicians that got their start in Arizona: Alice Cooper, Jimmy Eat World, Tool, Stevie Nicks, Linkin Park, and many more. The art community that nurtured those talents continues to host unique performers at top-notch venues like the Rhythm Room and the ever-popular Marquee Theatre.

If sports are more your thing, you’re in luck. In addition to our home team, the Razorbacks, the state is a hotspot for baseball fans due to having one of only two MLB spring training regions in the country.

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