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Try These Statement-Making Jewelry Pieces to Look Stunning on Your Next Date


Individualism is beautiful. It is a much-cherished trait you can find in most confident women or men. It comes from various places - your values, ideas, how you communicate, how you express yourself - through what you choose to wear and what not to. It is what makes us unique, celebrates our uniqueness, and makes us special.

It becomes even more significant when you are planning to go on a date. It could be someone you are meeting for the very first time. You want to look your best, and accessorizing yourself with similar-looking jewelry pieces may not be the best idea. You want to show your personality to the other person, and you should express it by putting on statement pieces. That says something about you. 

We know it is not as easy as it sounds, and choosing such jewelry can be burdensome. That is why we have put together a list of individualistic jewelry items that are a perfect combination of form and factor. It will uplift your looks and add an edge to your personality. Read on. 

1. Shungite Earrings

The Shungite earrings are an elegant and tasteful addition to your date night as they will shield your body against harmful electromagnetic frequencies and protect you from other negative energies or ill spirits. Using precious stones as jewelry pieces can also solve the dual purpose of enhancing and healing the mind and body. Shungite earrings are extraordinary as they’re crafted from a rare mineraloid, some of which are formed out of 98% carbon, making it a great detox substance. You can use the pair of earrings on a daily basis to relieve stress to the mind and skin, restore overall bodily functions, and increase productivity at the workplace. They will also be a great addition to your monotone looks and add more life and shine to a somber-looking outfit. 

2. Tanzanite Pendants

Looking for a bit of push or inspiration for your first date? This beautiful piece of jewel won’t just elevate your date-night outfit but also make you feel encapsulated with positive energy and manifest your best version to pave you in the right direction. If you want to stimulate your mind for ease in communication, change your karma, or are simply looking for some much-needed inspiration, then we suggest you wear a few Tanzanite pendants. The blue-violet crystal has pleochroic properties, enabling a range of colors, from gleaming burgundy to deep oceanic blue, to be displayed at different angles. Get ready to enchant your date with the gemstone’s rich color and splendid appearance that’ll make you seem even more unattainable and special. 

3. Personalized Necklaces

If you wish to feel more stylish and create an aura of mystery and intrigue for your special date, personalized necklaces are the perfect choice of jewelry. From birthstones, trinkets, charms to different settings and shapes, you can customize a piece of necklace in a million ways to make it truly personal. Long before Carrie from Sex and the City made monogrammed necklaces a statement piece, jewelry engravings dated back to the first century BC, in Egypt and Rome, where some historic pieces with encrusted gemstones have been discovered. Let the inner Picasso take over while you craft the chicest design. If you’re more of a minimalistic person, then we suggest a simple initials pendant with a birthstone that will be the perfect conversation starter for your special night. What's the best part about customizing your jewelry pieces is that you can get quality loose diamonds and get a unique design carved with personalized designs. Here, Dallas works as a perfect location to buy loose diamonds from. You can easily find a reliable wholesale diamond dealer in Dallas to get started with the process. All you need is to be concerned enough about the diamond selection and buying process.

4. Pink Sapphire Ring

Although the world knows Sapphires predominantly as the Blue Sapphire, it’s rarely known that they come in all shades of the spectrum. One of these striking colors includes the Pink Sapphire, one that will be ideal for your date-night outfit. The concentration of chromium within the gemstone determines how well pigmented and rich the color is. A mega-sized Pink Sapphire ring with diamond danglers will add elegance and sophistication to your outfit. Other than their subtle elegance and feminine beauty, Pink Sapphires are also known to be powerful jewels - a symbol of intense love, purity, loyalty, luck, and prosperity. 

5. White Diamond Bracelets

While diamonds are a remarkable piece of nature, a natural white diamond is even more valuable and rare. The iridescent, naturally white diamonds are a beautiful and exotic treat to the eyes. Most jewelry enthusiasts are drawn to the diamond's milky, pure white color as it resembles a cloudy sky. White Diamond bracelets will make for a magical and appealing look for your date night, not only because of their enrapturing color but also embodies your unique characteristics and one-of-a-kind persona. The stone also symbolizes rarity and depth, as it’s a sum of all the colors in a spectrum. It’ll look elegant with almost any dress you own, but we do recommend a small pendant necklace and string earrings to finish off the look.

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