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Today is National Root Beer Float Day


Hello National Root Beer Float Day! When was the last time you had one of these amazing creations? 

First introduced in 1853, this frothy creation of root beer and ice cream is a treat to soothe hot heavy-laden souls of all people at soda counters around the United States! 

As I rack my memory for my first root beer float experience, I'm taken back to an old-fashioned "mom and pop" store near where my grandfather grew up. The details are hazy, but the young me vividly remembers the glass full of soda, ice cream, and a straw, and lots of napkins nearby! 

I remember trying to dig into the creation, with the liquid oozing out and the ice cream melting off the rims of the glass. I remember trying to determine the best way to dive in- do I use a spoon? A straw? Do I just straight up drink it and hope the liquid doesn't run down my mouth and clothes? 

Such a tricky thing to eat/ drink, but sooo wonderful to enjoy! 

In adult life, the floats are an extreme treat for when I visit ice cream shops and don't want an actual cone or cup full of ice cream. Something about the taste of the caffeinated liquid mixed with the smooth coldness of vanilla just soothes my soul in extreme heat! My most recent float experience was in April. I was visiting Disney's Beaches and Cream Soda Shoppe and opted for a float with my meal, instead of a full dessert after. It's the perfect way to get the best of both: a nice cold drink and a lovely refreshing dessert! 

Unfortunately, I'm out of luck, but if an A&W is located near you, you could score yourself a free Root Beer Float today! 

If not, find your nearest ice-cream parlor for a wonderful treat.. or make one at home! 

Grab the largest glass you can find, your favorite Root Beer (or Coca Cola product), and some vanilla ice cream and get to work making the best Root Beer Float to kick off your Friday! 

Root- Beer Float!

1) Add 1 or 2 Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream into a tall glass.

2) Slowly fill the glass with your favorite root beer. The foam will rise quickly, so hold back to avoid making too much of a mess. When the foam recedes, you can add more! 

3) For an extra-special treat, top your float with whipped cream and a cherry. I usually opt- out of these items as neither are my favorites on ice cream. 

4) Grab some napkins, a spoon, a straw, whatever you need to enjoy your creation! 

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