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 I always knew that being a mom would change me. I would love deeper and have a permanent constant in my life. Whoever knew that I needed to be the mom of a boy? I'm 100% positive getting pregnant with him was God's way of looking out for me.

From the time E was little, I knew he would be special. He was smart and learned things so quickly.  I remember him setting up the DVD player to watch his favorite videos at 2. Is that not advanced for kids that age? His first physical fight at school, he called me crying because he made the other kid's lip bleed and he felt so bad.  He wasn't worried about getting into trouble as I always taught him to defend himself, but he felt bad for hurting someone else. 

20 years later, his chosen path is that in the US Army. I am terrified, proud, and numb most days.  I worry about his sweet heart and his gentle demeanor. He texted yesterday and was feeling pretty overwhelmed as he is unaccustomed to seeing people that are scared, sad, and being bullied.  I tried to offer what advice I could but I have to say this mama's heart is right there with him. 

What advice do you give for something you know naught of? You can't. I just explained that my belief is that God is watching over everyone and everything.  He can't intervene but he can guide you. Everyone was put here for a purpose and when they meet their purpose they grow from it until there is no more room to grow. Once you stop growing you are called home. 

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