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The Ultimate Guide to CBD and Seniors with Arthritis

 CBD is a component present in the hemp plants. These plants are a close member of the marijuana family. However, this extract from the hemp plant does not result in a ‘high.’ As per a report from WHO, there is no evidence of dependence potential in using this substance.  The report further suggests that its use does not result in any health-related problems. On the other hand, it has a wide range of health benefits. One of such benefits of this substance is relief in arthritis.

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Arthritis: Greater problem for senior citizens

Arthritis leads to severe inflammation in the joint areas. The main reason behind such inflammation is the damage caused to the tissues in the joint. This inflammation is a protective response against such damage. Further, in the case of Arthritis, the pain and inflammation worsen with time. It also results in swelling of the muscles around the affected area. This further adds to the problem.

It is a serious problem all around the globe. This statement gains weight with the fact that every fourth adult in The United States shows symptoms of this disease. Further, around half of the adult population in the country has continuous pain in the joints. Above all, the senior citizens are the ones who have to suffer the most due to this. This is because, with growing age, the cartilage keeps on thinning. Cartilage is a soft tissue that protects the joints from friction. The thinning of cartilage increases inflammation and pain. As a result, the problem keeps on worsening.

Effectiveness of CBD in pain relief

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Pain and inflammation are the main problems of arthritis. This useful component from the hemp plant can provide relief from these problems in the following ways. Its ingestion inside the body acts as a pain-killer. It interacts with some receptors of the brain. By doing this, it does not allow the brain to feel the pain. It also leads the body to produce fewer cytokines that release inflammation. JustCBD also improves the sleep cycle, thus further reducing the pain. On topical application, it reacts with the local area and reduces the pain. It also reduces swelling and inflammation. Also, it leads to the thickening of the cartilage tissue, which would act as a natural lubricant for the joint. 

Using it as an option for treatment of arthritis in senior citizens

It has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also antioxidative and neuroprotective. These properties of this component help reduce inflammation. Further, it also helps reduce pain by interacting with the person’s immune system. These, in turn, provide relief to the person.

An American foundation on arthritis also recommends using CBD in arthritis. As per the foundation, it results in pain relief and improves sleep cycles. However, the foundation also indicates that further studies on it are necessary. 

Methods of use

These products have multiple ways of consumption. Each method brings its own benefits as well as limitations.

  1. Ingestion through the mouth: 

This involves consuming it in the form of capsules. Adding it to the food is also an option.

  1. Application on skin: 

            It also comes in the form of balm or lotions, which one can apply on his skin.

  1. Inhalation in vapes: 

Another way of using this substance is in the form of vapes. However, one with inflammatory arthritis must not use this method.

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Other benefits for seniors

Seniors may avail the benefits of this product in a number of ways. It helps in improving the health of their bones. Thus, it is helpful for patients who have sclerosis. Further, it gives vitality to the cells. Thus, they feel active. It also helps against insomnia. There are pieces of evidence that these products help in fighting Glaucoma.

Thus, this substance is helpful to seniors not only in arthritis but also in a number of other ways.

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