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Everyone has a father- related story. Some of these stories are amazing while other's are painful. No matter the story of your own life, this movie will stir up emotion deep within you.

My own father-related story is filled with it's own twists and challenges. Watching the trailer made me reflect on the care, support, and love I've received from the many father- figure types in my life. Ultimately, I've been reflecting on the main story of all- the one who created me, sustains me, and gives me true life. 

From the creators of War Room, Overcomer, Fireproof, and Courageous, the Kendrick brothers create and produce a brand new film that will take us on a journey we won't forget.  

This wonderful documentary highlights true powerful and wisdom- filled stories from many fathers, including Jim Daly, Sherman Smith, Stephen Kendrick, and Dr. Tony Evans. 

Not only will you reflect on your own history with the father figures in your life, you will also reflect upon your relationship with God. 

I hope that as you watch the trailer, you will become excited about this film as I am. I can't wait to hear about these wonderful stories and how the lives of many have been impacted by faithful men, faithful Fathers, and the one Father who gives us all live. 

Watch the Trailer Now! 

Show Me The Father will be in theatres September 10th! 

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