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Ponderings of a Tired Mama

The piece of advice I often give to new moms or expecting moms is to prepare to never sleep normally again in your life.  Part of you will always be hyper aware of what is going on around you even if you are "asleep". Here I am almost 40 and no children living at home, but I still struggle with sleeping through the night. My thoughts keep me up as I ponder what is going on in my world as well as the world around me. 
The past 17 months have been a ride that I don't think any of us expected. Mental health conditions worsened or were newly found with the start of the pandemic and my brain questions just how easy it was to become a hermit in the society we live in. You can work remotely, order groceries and alcohol straight to your door, and you can watch a movie from the theaters in the comfort of your own home.  If you were already an introvert, this pandemic kept you introverted. Extroverts struggled with lack of contact and created social media content that people recreated and acted out just to feel connected. Our normal is now anything but.

I've noticed at my work that people seem to be ruder or maybe edgier is a better word for the way they act, because the lack of human contact has diminished so much. I'm finding it that no one seems to know how to talk to people anymore and as my job is customer service this is completely game changing.  If I could only tell you that I've had to talk myself our of walking out no less than 5 times in the last 2 weeks, was a temporary mood.

My spirit is drained by the end of the day and my heart is heavy with worry. I worry about things I can't control and I am wondering just how many of you are struggling too. Tell me your thoughts and what you are struggling with, I'm here to listen.

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