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Parenting Advice To Raise Money-Savvy Kids


Raising kids is a daunting challenge because you need to ensure holistic growth. Making them money-savvy is perhaps the trickiest part. Most kids fail to understand the value of money management. The best thing parents can do is to start early and instill good money habits in their kids. Your child may be years away from budgeting, but early practice with their own cash can make them financially savvy. Although it doesn’t sound like a lot of work, you will need a lot of parenting advice to handle the challenge. Here are some helpful tips you can rely on.

Make them earn their allowance 

Kids learn a lot about budgeting and saving when they manage their weekly allowance. You can get a step ahead by making them earn it through chores. It will give them the right perspective on money, and they will make conscious efforts to skip wants and stick to needs. Once they get the hang of earning money, they will feel motivated to work more and earn more.

Teach them the lesson of savings

Making children money-savvy is mostly about encouraging them to save. You can gift a piggy bank to the kid to entice them to save every single dollar they can. As the child grows, open a savings bank account for them. Let them manage their account so that they can see the interest flowing and their cash growing over time. It can be a boosting factor to take them a step closer to smart money management.

Empower them with financial tools 

Once children step into their teenage years, they will start working and may even want to spend more on clothes and outings. It is the right time to empower them with awareness about establishing good credit for the future. The debit card for teens from Greenlight card serves as an excellent financial tool to make your kid smarter with money. With prepaid cards kids can learn money management. It will also enable you to keep track of their expenses, and you can set them on the right path if something appears amiss. 

Talk openly about good money habits

Parents also need to have regular and open conversations with kids and educate them about good money habits. These habits are the best thing you can give to your child. When they reach adulthood, they can use these insights to make better financial decisions. Repeat the financial lessons you have learned over the years, and they will definitely cultivate them as habits. 

Model good financial behavior 

Kids take their cues from parents, so it is vital to model good financial behavior with them. Follow smart budgeting rules for your home, and get young children involved in expense management. Steer clear of wasteful expenses because kids are likely to emulate your actions. Even as you consolidate your emergency funds, reward them with a dining experience or a short trip once in a while. Consider it as an investment that takes your kid a step ahead towards becoming money savvy.

As a parent, you have countless opportunities to teach good money habits to your children. Identify them and capitalize on them whenever they come.

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