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Once Upon a Blue Moon - Don't Miss Your Chance to Get Adagio Teas' Bella Luna Blue Tea - Today Only!

Tonight is a BLUE MOON! Experience the elusive mystery known as Bella Luna Blue. Available only on days of a blue moon from Adagio Teas! 

Adagio Teas' rare Bella Luna Blue blends the zesty freshness of lemongrass and the flavor of blueberries with the exotic Butterfly Pea Flower, which when brewed, turns this mystifying herbal tea indigo! For an even more exciting treat, add a few drops of lemon juice to the mix and watch as the real magic unfolds right before your eyes! My family will enjoy this phenomenon tonight and I will share our thoughts about Bella Luna Blue as well as a few other items from Adagio Teas. Stay tuned...

Want it? Get it!

If you want to try Bella Luna Blue and its magical transformation, you're gonna want to get on their website and order TODAY! It is only available once upon a blue moon!
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