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National Maryland Day

Happy Maryland Day!

I just recently learned there is a national Maryland day and since I was born and raised in this beautiful state, I jumped at the chance to share about it today.

I was raised in Anne Arundel County which is pretty much right in the middle, close to the eastern shore. 

The area in which I grew up is right in the middle of Baltimore and Annapolis. Both big cities were just a short drive either north or south. I had an amazing 18 years in this state and feel incredibly blessed for my life there. My husband and I both have family that live in Maryland and since moving to North Carolina 16 years ago, we have visited yearly. 

This state will always hold a special place in my heart as I created lifelong friendships here, met my husband, got engaged and married! My grandparents lived in the same row house for 60+ years in my hometown and we visited every week. They both passed away in that very same home. There are beautiful memories attached to this state, for me. My husband drove me to the Baltimore Harbor (cover photo) for our very first date and though that day now sits comfortably in my memory of 20 years past, it's as fresh as the day it happened. 

Where are all my Marylanders? Have you visited this beautiful state? I would love to hear!




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