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Last Days of Summer Break


School starts for my oldest one week from today. I'm sure going to miss slow summer mornings at home, where everyone lounges in pajamas and says 'sure- that can wait until later.' It'll be back to early alarms ringing, afternoons of homework, evenings of packing lunch boxes and making a mad dash to get to bed on time in one short week. We'll just have to make the most of what we have left of summer vacation, won't we?

We'll fill our days with swimming, laughing, spending time together, and best of all- not adhering to a schedule. We'll build K'Nex and LEGO sets, Go to the park for activity, have a picnic in the backyard, hang out with friends, and maybe even have one last weekend adventure, just the four of us. Next week, we'll make the transition of organizing everything again, getting our acts together, and just getting ready for even bigger life transitions with a new baby in the family. It's going to be quite a busy fall season, and all I can do is sit back and say that we're here for it.

How are you winding down the last few weeks of summer break?

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