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Keep Hands Clean with Abby & Finn Sanitizing Spray #MBPBACKTOSCHOOL21


Thanks to Abby & Finn for providing product for this post. All thoughts are my own.

The kids are headed back to school soon, and parents everywhere are keeping a close watch on what the Coronavirus Pandemic will bring next. With school districts divided over feelings on masking kids at school this school year, many families are taking extra precautions to protect their students. Our family is certainly in the camp that feels that masks would be better than not, and even though my children's schools aren't requiring masks, my husband and I will be asking our kids to mask up in school.

I know- so many sides to argue, and I'm not one to stir up a debate here, just doing what I believe is best for my family, knowing that we'll have a newborn to protect in a few weeks. One of our best defenses aside from masking is keeping our hands clean at all times. I've been so proud of how well my kids have adapted to frequent hand washing and sanitizing, and this is something I expect to see continue into the new school year.

To help my kids be able to clean their hands on their own, at their desks, I'm sending them back to school with Abby & Finn hand sanitizer spray. 

Kick the ick with ABBY&FINN hand sanitizer spray! Because your family's safety comes before anything else, we've made sure this sanitizer is made with only 4 ingredients as recommended by the World Health Organization and FDA (what can we say, we’re rule followers!)

This sanitizer is not only registered with the FDA, but is also manufactured in an FDA audited facility in the USA.

Don't forget the hand sanitizing spray!

My kids and I spent some time organizing their school supplies this week, and I made sure that I placed a fresh bottle of Abby & Finn Hand Sanitizing Spray in each of their piles of school supplies. They can keep these in their desks or backpack pockets for easy reach all day long. 

The sprays come in a pack of six for just $17.00. When you're done with them, you'll have six mini spray bottles that you can use for other things at home- like watering plants!

Want them? Get them?

We're so happy to be starting off the school year on the right foot with these products. Shop for this product and more, over on the Abby and Finn website.

Be sure to connect on social media via Facebook and Insta.

We're proud to feature Abby and Finn's Hand Sanitizing Spray in our 2021 Back to School Guide.

How are you prepping your kids to stay safe this school year?

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