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How to Prioritize Personal Development as a Busy Mom


You’ve heard it time and time again: Being a mom is a full-time job. Between managing the household, taking care of the kids, and keeping your hubby out of trouble, there’s barely any time to take care of yourself. This is even more true for moms who are entrepreneurs or who work from home. It can be exhausting, constantly putting the needs of others before your own. To avoid becoming burnt out or bitter, it’s important to find ways (even small ones) that allow you to flourish and thrive.

For many of us, prioritizing personal development can feel selfish or cause us to feel like bad mothers. It shouldn’t be that way! Allowing yourself space to learn and grow can actually help you be a better mom overall. It sets a great example for your kids, who will love seeing their mom happier and more fulfilled. So set aside the time! Here are some of our suggestions for small ways to prioritize your personal development.

Keep a regular social engagement- Solo

For most people, enriching relationships with friends are incredibly important for leading a full and fulfilling life. Great friends help us to be our best selves in their presence and are the backbone of our support communities. However, maintaining friendships as a mom can be tough, especially with friends who don’t have kids. This is what makes the kid-free friend-hang so vital. Setting a regular time to spend time with friends (alone), you give yourself the space to let loose, have fun, and just be yourself. It doesn’t have to be a lot! Even an evening each month will make you feel great. 

Schedule, schedule, schedule

Whether you use your phone, a planner, or sticky notes, the schedule is a busy mom’s best friend. Schedules help us to stay organized and make sure that everyone gets exactly where they need to go. Your personal time should be no different! By scheduling regular time, be it the social time we just talked about or alone time, you give yourself and your loved ones the ability to plan. This makes you more likely to actually honor the time, because your partner and little ones will expect it. Consistency is key! 

Seek out enriching media

Sometimes it’s just not possible to set aside regular time for yourself, and you have to find ways to work personal development into your day-to-day life. One way to do this is to make an effort to incorporate more positive and supportive media into your life. Follow inspiring people on social media or listen to the Podopolo podcasts when you drive to work. The media that we consume has a huge effect on our brain and mood, so make sure what you consume is positive and enriching.

Create a sustainable fitness routine

We know, we know. So many blogs recommend exercise as the solution to everything and it is exhausting. Unfortunately, fitness really is that important. Luckily, you don’t need to join a gym or invest in fancy equipment to reap the benefits. The key to gaining the most from exercise is creating a routine that is sustainable and works for you. This might mean incorporating walking into your day or buying a set of resistance bands for early morning stretching. Any type of regular body movement will help you to have better sleep, better mental health, and feel better about yourself overall. 


It is not always easy to make time for personal development, especially as a busy mom. However, in the long run, it’s totally worth it. It may seem counterintuitive, but taking time to prioritize you will make you a better person and, ultimately, a better mom. 

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