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How to Have a Fire-Friendly Christmas Tree


Fire hazards at Christmas are something that we all think about during holiday preparations, but we still worry about. When you are choosing your Christmas tree this holiday season, having a fire-friendly tree will make for a more worry-free holiday.

Do your homework with different retailers such as Balsam Hill tree reviews, because Balsam Hill reviews will give you ideas from actual consumers on what will work and what will not. 

There you can get space issues and lighting concerns out of the way with a little homework. When it comes time to choosing the most fire-friendly tree, you'll be well-informed.

Try Going Artificial

If you are a die-hard real Christmas tree kind of person, you may want to switch it up. Real Christmas trees are among the largest source of holiday fires. A lot of people think it is because of the dry branches and Christmas lights, but that is only part of it.

Many experts say that real Christmas trees are a fuel source of their own. When they burn, they become a heat source of their own, more than a burning artificial tree would. A burning real tree could become hot enough to create an effect called “flashover” where multiple objects burn in the room at the same time.

Choose Your Own Lights

Pre-lit trees are a huge source of holiday fun and time-saving. Make sure you are getting the right lights when choosing pre-lit trees. Whether you are going real or artificial, the lights you want to look for will be labeled “FM” or “UL.” These will be the safest Christmas tree lights.

When you are lighting your tree, keep your tree, real or otherwise, as close to the electrical outlets as you can. The fewer cords you have running to your tree, the lower your fire risk.

Choose a Tree With Location in Mind

Location means a lot when it comes to fire-friendly Christmas trees. Choose a location in your home for the tree before you choose the tree. You don't want a tree near an exit or blocking an exit to start. It's easy to put the tree in front of the patio door during the winter when nobody is using it, but that isn't safe in the event of a fire.

You also want to avoid putting it near a working fireplace, radiators, and where you light your holiday candles. 

Do Your Homework

When you are looking for a Christmas tree, fire-friendly choices will be on your mind. Use these tips to help you pick the tree that will be the safest for your holiday season.

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