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How to Dress Well for Less? 4 Effective Tips

 Designer dresses, clutches, and not to forget the sparkling jewelry – almost every fashionista yearns to a lot of them so that she doesn’t have to repeat the same look at two different events. However, the budget happens to be the biggest constraint here. 

Even if you’ve got a highly paid job, being a working mother means that you have many other responsibilities to fulfill before you could think of indulging in some self-care or going on a shopping spree. However, what if we tell you that you can still dress well and keep the fashionista alive in you without having to burn a hole in your pockets or neglecting your responsibilities? Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Revisit Your Closet

Most women feel they don’t have anything to own. However, there’s literally no place to stuff even one more dress in their closet. Although I have been guilty of doing the same, I learned (thankfully) my lesson at the right time. 

Based on the advice of my friend, I took everything out of the closet and decided to separate wearables from the ones I don’t want to use anymore. While doing this, I discovered some ‘hidden gems’ that have been lying idle in the closet and I had forgotten about them. I at least found 3 to 4 dresses that I could wear on different occasions. 

Also, there were many dresses that were still in mind condition, but I no longer wanted to wear them. I decided to sell them at a thrift store. This benefitted me in two ways; my closet had more space and my wallet had more money for shopping. You can also follow this piece of advice before heading out to shop.

  1. Be Tactful When Shopping

Most of us are guilty of losing control when shopping. We go with wallets full of cash and come back home with debt on credit cards. However, this is where you need to take charge of the situation. Make a list of items you need to buy and stick to them only. No matter how beautiful a pair of denim looks, if there are already so many in your closet, do not buy it.  

Also, watch out for sales and seasonal discounts. Many brands have clearance sales at the end of the season. This is the best time to shop for products you need. Buying out of the season is a great way to save money. However, at the same time, it’s impractical as you won’t be able to use the clothes immediately. But, you can always use them the next season. I follow the same practices when buying leather jackets or denim. They never go out of fashion. When it comes to looking for stylish and classic pieces, I have found beautiful options for men, women, and kids at celticandco.com. I can't pass up a one-stop-shop for fashion for the whole family and neither should you!

Online shopping can be a safe way of shopping on a budget. Many stores offer discounts, coupons and deals. Also, you can use credit card rewards in many stores. However, the only hurdle is that there’s no changing room facility to know how a dress looks on you when you shop online. So, you have no other option but to rely on your instincts.

  1. Look for Alternatives

Instead of going for designer accessories or dresses, you can go for alternatives and save a lot of money. You can find them in your local market or online stores, such as eBay or Amazon. The same goes for jewelry as well. Not every woman can buy a diamond ring as it’s very expensive. But, the option of buying moissanite jewelry is there. It looks like a diamond, is very durable, and the best part? It’s affordable. You can check out a vast collection of jewelry items having this gemstone at MoissaniteCo.

  1. Get Classic Accessories

Always pick some jewelry pieces that can go with any type of dress. Classic pieces can work every time, whether you’re dressing up for a work event or your little one’s birthday party. For example, you can buy delicate moissanite earrings and wear them at different events. Their spark and glow are quite alluring. Having such articles won’t require you to spend money on a lot of jewelry.  

There you have it! These are some of the tried and tested tips you can follow to dress for less.

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