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Help Ease Your Child's Anxiety One Deck at a Time with SunCards #REVIEW #GIVEAWAY #MBPBACKTOSCHOOL21


Help your child, or in my case, my students in my classroom, learn coping skills to help them when their anxiety is high.

SunCards are decks of cards that use evidence-based strategies like cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, positive psychology, and random acts of kindness to help kids manage their anxiety. They feature lovable monsters who share confidence-building positive affirmations and helpful tasks for redirection.

Here are some suggestions for how to use the cards:

If you are actively feeling anxious, select an Action Card and use the technique to try to calm yourself. You may find that multiple cards will be the winning combination. Once you are calm, select a Sunshine Card to give yourself a boost of confidence for a job well done.

If you want to practice your coping skills, select an Action Card and think about a time when this technique would be helpful. It might be something you recently experienced for the first time or a worry or fear that you deal with often. Practice the technique so that when you are actively presented with your worry or fear you can recall the technique to calm yourself.

If you are feeling a little down and need a boost of confidence, select a Sunshine Card and read it out loud to yourself. Staying in a positive frame of mind may help you ward off some of your anxious moments.

SunCards can be used in home, clinical, and educational settings. This product was created by a kid to help kids! My students love these. As pictured above, they created signs so everyone would know which side is which type of card! The sun represents the Sunshine cards and the person about to touch a cactus is the action card pile (😊).

My inspiration for SUNCards came from a combination of my own struggles with anxiety that started when I was 8 and a school project when I was 10. The project, called C.H.O.W. (Children Helping Our World), tasked us to create a nonprofit that could actually be led by kids that would improve our world. My parents encouraged me to think about my own life and experiences to help me come up with a good idea. That’s when I came up with the idea to help other kids who are nervous and scared by teaching them tips and tricks to help them get through tough situations. I named is S.U.N.-- Strategies for Undoing Negativity.

After the project was over, I continued working on the cards, enlisting the help of an artist to bring my cards to life. I partnered with a few non-profits and instituted a "get a deck, give a deck" program where for every deck purchased, another deck is donated to a non-profit that helps kids. In August of 2020, I launched a Kickstarter which was fully funded in just two weeks, and through that Kickstarter, I was able to donate over 1,400 decks to nonprofits.

Since then, my family and I have launched SUNForGood.com and have added even more products along with helpful information for families just like ours.

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Special thanks to our friends atSun for Good for allowing me to share their wonderful products, and for sponsoring this fabulous giveaway.




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