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Thank you to Holiday House for the books to review. The opinions are 100% my own.

Are you looking for some books for your kid's library or a classroom library donation? Holiday House Publishers has some great books to add!

It is so important for children to find books to read that they enjoy! As a teacher, I love getting them in their hands and on my shelves! I received the three books below and my 13-year-old reading aficionado read them and gave me her opinions. 

My daughter enjoyed the Trillium Sisters books. She says they are very expressive and enabled her to brainstorm ways she could help the environment like the sisters do.

Trillium Sisters, Book One; The Triplets Get Charmed

This book is good for 2-4th grades. The book is about triplets named Clare, Emmy, and Giselle that were found in a forest by Dr. J.A. and adopted. They celebrate their Founding day each year. They were found with petals of trillium flowers. When Dr. J.A. gets called away on an emergency, their younger brother, Zee, gets in trouble, and the petals activate and give the girls powers. Will they be able to use them to save their brother?

Trillium Sisters, Book Two; Bestie Day

Wondering if their powers will return, Clare, Emmy, and Giselle throw themselves into preparations for Bestie Day when everyone in Trillsville celebrates the special people in their lives. The girls are planning to make presents for one another from fallen flower petals. At the flower field, instead of finding beautiful blooms, the Trills find a big problem. Two girls from town are cutting so many flowers for their Bestie Day bouquets that the bees can't get enough nectar. Without the bees, the entire mountain ecosystem could fall apart! When their Trillium powers activate, will the sisters be able to buzz to the rescue?

Five Magic Rooms

Five Magic Rooms is a fun little graphic novel for beginning readers. It starts with a girl named Mina at a playdate with her friend Pie. At Pie's home, everyone wears costumes, cacti grow up to the ceiling, and there's a hedge maze in the backyard! They explore the many wonderful rooms in Pie's house and she learns about all the cool things in the world. 

Critically acclaimed comics artist Laura Knetzger pens an inventive story for beginning readers that introduces the senses and basic sense words ("shiny," "soft," "fuzzy"), and also primes children for their first visits to friends' homes, encouraging them to appreciate the differences between their family and others.

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