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Get Rid of Lint and Pet Hair with Uproot Lint

Thank you to Uproot Lint for the product to review. The opinions are 100% my own.

 Did you know that 78% of clothes & fabrics with lint or pills end up being thrown away? What if I told you you can save money on replacing old, carpets, bedding, and clothes? All this and...no more throwing out endless non-recyclable sticky lint paper! Win-Win!!

In our home, we have one dog and two cats, so pet hair is a problem. We are always looking for something to help collect it. Our vacuum does okay, and we have also tried dryer sheets and lint rollers, but the hair is still there! The Uproot Lint Cleaner ™ is fast, effective, and very easy to use. We vacuumed and then gave Uproot a try. We were astonished at the hair that was hiding in our carpets!

One warning though...it is addictive! The immediate results you get make you want to keep going and it is hard to stop once you get going!

The Uproot Lint Cleaner™ is engineered to remove hair from clothes, bedding, blankets, cars, sofas, and more! You'll be amazed at just how much hair your vacuum misses!

Pet hair is not its only use though, it can also get pills off your sweaters and clothing. You can also use it on furniture, bedding, bathroom mats, car mats, blankets, and car seats - any non-knitted fabric.

It's as easy as 1-2-3! Just take your Uproot Lint Cleaner™ and drag it across the fabric while applying a little pressure. Its teeth are engineered to remove any excess material or bobbles from any non-knitted fabric. Collect all the hair, fluff, fuzz & pills, and throw them away. Your fabric is brand new again!

Want it? Get it!

If you have pets, you are going to want to go to The Uproot Lint Cleaner™'s website and order this amazing product!!


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  1. I could def use one of these. Between the pets and piling it would get a lot of use.


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