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Get Relief from Migraines and the Summer Heat Too with the Headache Hat #REVIEW #MBPWELLNESS21


Have a headache? Migraine? Got sore muscles? Feeling toasty after working in the garden or watching the kids’ baseball game? Keep the Headache Hat prepped in your freezer and you’ll always have a way to relieve the pain as well as to cool down, right at your fingertips!

Whether it’s bright light reflecting off the pool or heat radiating off the sand, summer fun isn’t always so fun when a migraine strikes. Find a soothing reprieve from summer’s heat with the Headache Hat, an adaptable wrap delivering targeted cooling relief!


Headache Hat helps soothe headaches, migraines, or other body aches and is lightweight and flexible design wraps around the head to hit where you need it most. There is no wet mess like you get with regular ice. Its innovative design features 24 reusable ice packs built into a flexible and bendable band so it can be wrapped and worn in just the right place to target your pain or discomfort. The reversible design provides 30-60 minutes of cold and can be worn to look like a hat, pulled over the eyes, wrapped around the neck, or laid on like a traditional ice pack. It comes with its own freezer storage bag. You can use it at home, in the car, at work, and well...just about anywhere and time you need it!


It has been a lifesaver! I get headaches pretty often for varying reasons. The Headache Hat provides relief as it cools my tension areas and provides all-over pressure and chill. I keep it at the ready in my freezer for when my headaches hit. To use it I simply take it out of the storage bag, wrap it around my head, and relax. I used a strip of cloth between my head and the Headache Hat until my head gets used to the cold, then I remove it to continue enjoying its benefits.

What do you do to ease your migraine?

Want it? Get it!

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