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Finding a moving company job


Being unemployed can be frustrating and even frightening. So if you're looking for a new job, consider applying for one in the professional moving industry. Not sure if this type of job is the right fit for you? Here are a few reasons you should consider this type of work.

Entry Level Job

If you're young or want to change careers, the good news for you is that a job in the moving industry doesn't necessarily require a degree or even experience. In a job market that often requires degrees, specialized certificates and training and real world experience, it is nice to know that the moving industry still employs those with no specific training or experience. While no prior experience in this industry is necessary, you will receive on-the-job training and will have to "learn the ropes" to be a success in your job.

Staying Physically Fit

Those with moving jobs benefit from the physical activity that it requires. A desk job, that keeps you strapped to a chair all day, will not help you maintain a healthy weight. Working as a mover, however, will give you the opportunity to be active throughout the day, which will help you maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. It might even help you build muscle and gain flexibility and balance!

Flexible Hours

A flexible schedule is one of the many benefits of moving company jobs. Since most professional moving industry establishments work around their clients' schedules, moving company employees do not necessarily have regular, set hours. This type of flexibility is appealing to students or those looking for a job that could work around family and other obligations. Many companies will allow their employees to submit a schedule of when they are available to work and will only call them when a job is scheduled for their available time slots. This means that in many moving companies, the employees have a lot of control over when they work.

Competitive Pay

Many movers receive an hourly wage for their work while others are put on staff with their moving company. However you are paid, you are likely to enjoy a good paycheck for your efforts. And best of all, you might be eligible for overtime, especially during peak seasons such as late spring, summer and early fall. And when moving season slows, the flexible schedule may even allow you to find other work or go to school while still maintaining your position within the moving company.


Do you enjoy being a part of a team? If you do, then being a mover might be the perfect job for you. When you work as a professional mover you will be spending time with a team of co-workers, completing tasks together, strategizing about the most efficient way to complete a job and spend time traveling to and from your clients. This type of work environment encourages friendship and builds camaraderie with your co-workers who will likely become your trusted friends.

Job Stability

They say that nothing is sure in life, but one thing you can count on is that people need to move and will continue to move around the country and around the world, in years to come. Whether a family is moving to be close to relatives or a new couple is moving into their very first home, there will always be a need for professional help when moving. Because moving is a regular part of life in our modern world, you can rest assured that your skill set as a professional mover will always be in demand.

Learning the Industry

Because the moving business is not one that will fade away any time soon, getting a job in this field only makes sense for those seeking long-term financial stability. Entering into the industry as a mover is just the start of your career. Learn the entry-level aspects of the business well and then consider moving-up in the industry. Maybe you can move from the physical labor aspects of the business into a the job as a foreman. You might also be qualified to work as a dispatcher or could work in sales or in a management position. Learning every aspect of the business and networking within the industry are important steps in advancing in the moving industry. You might even make valuable professional connections within your client base.


While being a mover seems like a rather straight-forward job description, you may be surprised at all that might be entailed. There are several different types of jobs within the professional moving industry. Don't assume, just because you are not qualified for some aspects of the business, that you are automatically disqualified from working in the industry as a whole. Some moving companies have positions as loaders. These workers help clients safely pack their possessions and get them ready for a move. They may also strategize about how to efficiently pack and move a truckload of possessions. Other jobs within the industry include sales, mechanics, management and dispatching.

Life Skills

As with any job, you are likely to learn a few beneficial life skills during your time as a mover. By going through proper training and working with experienced movers, you will learn skills that can benefit you in other aspects of your life. For instance, you may learn ways to properly move heavy items without damaging your back or getting a hernia. You are also likely to learn how to pack fragile items so they can be transported without breaking. Other skills such as working with others, time management and industry rules and regulations may all come in handy in other aspects of your life.

If you enjoy physical work with flexible hours and decent pay, consider joining the workforce as a professional mover. You can search for moving jobs at MovingWork.com

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