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Do’s and Don’ts of Men Jewelry


Have you ever felt tensed entering a jewelry store? Or have you experienced the classic spotlight effect where you have felt everyone judgmentally stare at you? In either case, we regret to inform you that you are not alone.

Countless men around the world still think ‘real men don’t wear jewelry, even though in real-time, the paradigm shift proves to stand against their perspective. You can check out this store and find men's diamond chains at Itshot. 

Jewelry is synonymous with embellishing and accessorizing, and none of these words are gender-specific. Hence, sidelining the gender stereotypes and opening up new horizons for yourself to explore. Men are embracing the trends that no longer need to be stigmatized, here you can find out more at BBC , and as for the rest read ahead on styling the best pieces to add the perfect amount of oomph to your look.

Do’s of choosing jewelry

  1.  Your choice of jewelry is also influenced by the undertone your skin has. If you want to check what undertone your skin carries just give your veins a strong hard look; if your veins look blue or purple veins indicate that you have cool undertone whereas green veins indicate then you will have warm undertone – and if you have both then you have a neutral undertone. People with neutral undertones can easily go with both gold and silver metals. Check out this link to get yourself uber quality franco chains as per your undertone: Gold and Silver Franco chains are timeless fashion accessories that you can add to your collection. Shop the best jewelry to create your signature style!

  1. Choose items that are proportionate with your body. If you are someone with a strong and wide built then bold and bulky chains are made for you, but if you have a petite physique then you might want to stay clear of the items that are broad, expansive, and heavy.

  2. Last, but not least, whenever you are wearing jewelry – wear it as you mean it. No doubt, confidence uplifts your demeanor in ways that your jewelry alone can’t.

Don’ts of choosing jewelry

  1. When you are wearing jewelry make sure it fits the event you are going to. You might want to look all made up, but a funeral might not be the right place to show your diamonds. So be wary of the environment.

  2. Go easy on the accessories, wearing jewelry is not the same as weighing down your neck with chains just because you thought you were ‘mixing and matching.

  3. Do not mix your metals. It is a sin to mix metals. It looks cheap and looks unintentional as if you were not paying enough attention while creating your final look.

  4. Do not wear jewelry in an unbalanced manner i.e. wearing all your rings on one hand and leaving the other empty would draw too much attention to one part of your body, so try and balance out your jewels. Don’t stack your neckline nor choke your wrist with bracelets.

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