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Different Ways of Consuming Kratom – A Guide for Experiencing the Best Effect

An increasing number of people are discovering the benefits of kratom that were known to the people of Southeast Asia for many centuries. However, regardless of whether you are taking kratom to relax after a tiring day, get a boost of energy, alleviate chronic pain, or elevate your mood, you need to know how the various ways in which, you can consume kratom. It will help you to discover the method that is most convenient and palatable to maximize your experience.

Discover the Right Dose

To experience the desired benefits of kratom consumption, you need to figure out the right dose. You will need to experiment a bit to achieve the optimum dosage. It depends on the kratom strain and quality as well as your age, body weight, and other physical parameters, and most importantly, the method of consumption. According to a survey conducted by John Hopkins, kratom is likely to have therapeutic effects. Some of the more popular ways of consuming kratom include:

As a Tea

While some people prefer to chew the raw leaves of Kratom, most people are not in a position to access fresh kratom leaves. It can be more convenient to brew a pot of tea and then add your desired dose of kratom powder and simmer it for around 20 minutes. Strain the teas as usual and drink up. 


If you do not like the taste of kratom, you can consider folding in the powder in a small twist of toilet paper or preferably, rice paper and swallowing it with a drink you like. Parachuting kratom helps users avoid the unpleasant taste of kratom.

Swallow With Water

Those who couldn’t be bothered with fancy methods can measure out the dose, dump it in a glass of water, and toss it back. You can also put the powder in your mouth and chase it down with a drink of your choice. Though the taste might bother you, it is quick and easy.

Smoke It 

If you are accustomed to smoking, you can smoke the dry leaves or the powder by making a joint or use a pipe. To enhance your smoking experience, you can add tobacco or any other pleasantly perfumed herb.


If you know your dose, you can get pre-filled capsules that you can swallow just like a pill and avoid all the hassle. You might need to have more than one capsule at a time to take the correct amount. You can also buy empty capsules that you can fill with the right amount of kratom powder.

Add It to Food

If you dislike the taste of kratom, you can consider adding the powder into palatable food items like yogurt, smoothies, or shakes. You may even prefer mixing it in oatmeal or soup.


Irrespective of your preferred method of taking kratom, you will be able to maximize your enjoyment or get the desired effects only when you buy high-quality kratom. Inferior quality of the product can not only mean that you need to consume a larger quantity to achieve the desired impact but also expose you to hazardous contaminants.

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