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Create A Frizz-Free Summer Look With Cocunat Hair Products

Thanks to Cocunat for sending products for me to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

When I was younger, I thought I needed mounds of mouse and gallons of hairspray to tame the frizz but as I learned more about my specific hair type, I know now that less is more!

Achieving a frizz-free hairstyle starts at the very beginning: shampoo and conditioner. In the shower when you're lathering your locks, if you're not using the absolute best products for your curly or frizzy hair, you're not going to have much luck afterward. Make sure you're using natural products without toxic chemicals that damage your hair, despite claims to do otherwise. My favorite pick for summer is the Cocunat "Rich" shampoo and conditioner duo. Using both of these products together produces the most silky texture to my hair! 

You can grab the shampoo and conditioner as a set for $47.90. 

The shampoo smooths cuticles, tames frizz, strengthens and repairs while the conditioner instantly detangles, repairs split ends and stimulates hair growth. 

Cocunat also offers amazing bundles with some of my other favorite products like the Boombastic hair mask. I've been using this hair mask once a week for quite a while and let me tell you, it nourishes and hydrates my dry hair so beautifully! Grab a set that includes an anti-frizz turban and achieve the silkiest, "run your fingers through" smooth hair you dream of! 

My hair type varies depending on my diet, the environment and humidity of the day. When it's at it's healthiest, it looks like the above picture. This was after a Boombastic hair mask application, and a touch of Cocunat Capillary Serum to strengthen and protect. 

Here in North Carolina where I reside, we have had a brutally hot summer. Granted, every summer is pretty hot in the southeast, but something about this summer has felt extra sweltering. Between the intense sun and the chlorine filled pool, my hair hasn't had an easy time. I've been able to combat these external elements with Cocunat haircare products and as we are about to enter Fall, my hair has never looked and felt healthier. Before I discovered Cocunat, my hair looked damaged and dry by the end of summer. 


If your hair needs a bit of a "spa day", you can achieve luxury treatment right in your own home. You can head over to Cocunat's website and pick up any of their amazing hair products to beat the frizz and get the incredibly soft and silky hair you desire. 
Make sure you visit Cocunat on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected and be informed when new products drop!

As always, thanks so much to our friends at Cocunat! They have been keeping my hair healthy and strong for over a year now and I can't wait for you to experience the same results.



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