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Career Options You Can Explore in the Fashion & Beauty Industry


Have you ever wondered why the fashion and beauty industry attracts so much interest? Well, everyone desires an admirable look.

On the other hand, trained individuals are committed to helping people look their best

There are various career options available in the fashion and beauty industry. From hands-on jobs to creative design jobs, they all come with some good rewards in payment and work environments.

Some are working hard to create new hairstyles and products. At the same time, others are committed to promoting beauty products and designs.

In short, the career in beauty and fashion keeps booming every year. Globally, the industry is only growing stronger. 

Statistics indicate that from 2020 to 2021, returns in the beauty industry went high from $483 billion to $511 billion. Worldwide, this culminated in an annual compounded growth rate of 4.75%. 

Further, this line of work promises better things ahead. It's predicted that by 2025, the global returns will exceed $716 billion. By 2027, it should go beyond $784.6 billion.

It's also necessary to mention that cosmetics marketing continues to expand through digital channels. The field is attracting more customers who are willing to pay higher prices to get high-quality services. 

What are the Requirements Before Starting a Career in Fashion and Beauty

If you're ready to pursue an exciting career in cosmetology, you need to prepare for the examination set by the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology.

The majority find it a daunting task to go through the exam process. Most states require that you take both practical and written examinations. 

Getting ready for both theory and practicals can be stressful. In fact, most students go into the exam unprepared. 

They do not know how to prepare properly for the exams because they're mostly given giant textbooks, which are impossible to memorize. This explains the 50% nationwide failure rate. 

Indeed, it's sad to waste your efforts training for the course, and going for exams, only to fail and miss out to acquire the recommended license.

Can you imagine wasting hundreds of dollars taking several exams in an attempt to pass the cosmetology state board exam? Yet you end up unable to kickstart your career as a licensed cosmetologist.

Fortunately, the good news to all aspiring cosmetologists is that things have been made easier for you. With the free cosmetologist practice test, you can now prepare well for the final exams and pass the tests. 

With the practice tests, you can access actual questions that appear on the cosmetology state board exams.

So, you'll benefit from understanding the type of questions you'll be asked during the final exams. You can also figure out if you're ready to take your actual test.

The practice test covers all the major topics that you will be tested on during your cosmetology exam. They include scientific concepts, skincare services, hair care services, and nail care and services. In addition, you can also practice exams for esthetics, barbering, and nail care. 

What Career Options Can You Explore in the Fashion and Beauty Industry?


Most individuals who train in fashion and beauty end up specializing in one or two or more areas in cosmetology. Perhaps you're trying to imagine; what is cosmetology? This is the study of things like: 

  • Application of beauty treatments

  • Haircare (hairstyling, coloring)

  • Skincare service

  • Barber care service

  • Manicures and pedicures

  • Permanent or non-permanent hair removal. 

In short, there are vast career choices for qualified cosmetologists. Others may decide to move into more technical professions like becoming an esthetician. 

Esthetician is a person who specializes in skin beautification. Please do not confuse estheticians for medical doctors. This particular group of specialists performs cosmetic skin treatments like:

  • Superficial chemical peels

  • Body treatments

  • Facials

  • Waxing

Maybe you're thinking along this line, and you're wondering, how long does it take to become an esthetician? Take note that before practicing as a licensed esthetician, students are required to complete between 260 to1500 hours of training. 

They should then pass both the recommended written and practical exams. These are the requirements before you're allowed to practice as a licensed esthetician. 

How's the Work Schedule Like for Those in the Fashion and Beauty Industry?

If you want to know more about your schedule as a cosmetologist, note that this will vary depending on where you work. Usually, for the majority of cosmetologists, self-employment is the way to go. 

Let's take the example of a hairstylist or freelance makeup artist. You have the opportunity to choose where and when you can work. This makes the career pathway an excellent option for those who desire to work part-time. Such may include mothers with young kids at home. 

Still, others can choose to be employed in places like salons or spas, which is okay. You may end up fortunate enough to work in shifts such that you have some weekend or evening time offs. 

So whatever type and nature of work you choose, you're likely to enjoy some flexible schedules to fit and balance your lifestyle.

Now, let's see in detail the career fire that's sparkling behind training in the beauty and fashion industry.

  1. Working as a Cosmetologist and Hair Care Professional


Basically, cosmetologists and hair care professionals work in beauty salons. Others work at resort hotels and day spas. 

They will mostly give clients hair care tips and recommend the best and modern hairstyles. For example, they may provide advice on how to take care of wavy hair. 

They will also cut, style, or color their clients’ hair to have them looking their best. Some may help clients by offering them facial and scalp treatments. They can also recommend appropriate makeup types of shades. 

Sometimes, they will carry out these tasks to prepare models or artists for filming in commercials. They may also style them with beauty products to prepare them to be photographed for advertisements. 

Generally, whether they work in the fashion industry or not, they focus majorly on beauty to enhance people's appearance.

To become a licensed cosmetologist or hairdresser, you must graduate from an accredited cosmetology course. You can only attain this after you pass the state board exam.

Once you pass your exams and obtain your license, you're ready to grow both in experience and income earning. As of the year 2020, the annual average hairdresser's salary in the U.S. was $26,809. However, the salary ranges between $22,260 and $32,919.

It also helps to know that as a hairstylist, you can decide how much you make. If you work smart and become very good at your field, you can earn lots of money. 

You can make up to $800 per hour depending on how you want to work things out and the time spent mastering your trade. There are a lot of opportunities in being a hairstylist.

  1. Trending as a Fashion Designer


Working as a fashion designer means studying fashion trends and designing clothing and accessories.

Fashion designers maximize their career opportunities to work on fashionable products that will appeal to consumers. In fact, some even produce new clothing trends or accessories.

Employers may not necessarily require post-secondary degrees for candidates in this occupation. But most fashion designers attain the needed skills after pursuing a bachelor's degree in beauty.

It helps to know that the fashion industry is becoming more competitive. It requires knowledgeable and skilled individuals who will fulfill the needs of clients in the modern fashion society.

This is the only way to grow in your career and offer clients expert services to keep them coming for more.

  1. Operating as a Professional Model


Models in the present society working in fashion and beauty have decided to up their game. It's no longer only about being photographed and featured in commercials or live events by wearing fashionable designs or makeup. It's now more about completing a modeling program at school. 

Most aspiring models are now doing this to acquire the experience they need to do more in the industry and benefit society further. 

Taking modeling classes gives individuals enough knowledge. Some may even decide to act as the industry's spokespeople, either locally or internationally. 

Others interact with customers from various regions to answer their questions about the clothing or makeup they wish to promote.

So, enrolling in a modeling school is the first step to help ambitious models understand in detail what the career entails. Other incredible things you learn can include:

  • How to compose your photo portfolios

  • How to do runway walks

  • Personal image development

  • How to work with professional photographers in different events

In short, there are many ways you can start your career as a fashion model and grow. Most aspire to start by signing with an agency and enhancing their portfolio. 

On the same note, successful models can ultimately land higher-paying and esteemed jobs that will take them worldwide.

  1. Other Beauty Professions


Many trained and licensed individuals are also benefiting from other rewarding careers in the fashion and beauty industry. For example, in 2011 alone, around 56,000 manicurists and pedicurists were employed in the U.S. They work to take care of clients' toenails and fingernails. 

Skincare specialists are also working successfully in assessing clients and recommending skin treatments. Some refer clients to medical estheticians for skin conditions that need further care and treatment. 

By 2011, over 31,000 skincare specialists were employed to work in the United States. They reported an average annual income of $32,080 per year.

Key Takeaways

Behind the thriving fashion and beauty industry lies the vast majority of trained individuals. 

These professionals strive their best to make people well presented in a visually attractive way.

But, first, they take the initial steps of completing a training program at a cosmetology school and take the required exams. 

That way, they earn the license to pursue a career in the beauty and fashion field. This is when they now have the mandate to work as talented people and as certified and trusted individuals in the industry. 

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