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Brazilian Body Wave Hair Bundles With Closures


Hurela is the best Chinese hair product company. Hurela went from being a small local textile processing company and gradually becoming the world's human hair company.

Headband Wigs

The headband wigs are also called half hair wigs. This is a hair wig that covers 3/4 of the breathable elastic net cap head and the rest of the ice silk headband. Headbands do not have laces in the wig, they are just made of ice silk fabric with velcro on the back. The headband wig is easy to wear and take off. It usually only takes 2 minutes to apply the headband wig. And it can also help create simpler and cooler hairstyles, such as ponytails or buns.Both of these hairstyles can make you feel cool in summer. In addition, headband wig prices are more affordable and competitive.


The headband is a piece of hair with a wig hair band, as their name suggests, and the headband is sewn onto a delicate hair piece cap. This wig is an unusual design that is lightweight and helpful to fit the wig. It is also important to visit the wig that is used and that problems such as hair loss and scalp injury can be exacerbated, such as when the baldness is clearly worn. A decision to change the number of wigs is accessible. Paste, tape, catches, etc. are not expected to replace the wig, which can cause migraines.


With such long and long hair, anyone can plan their hair. The advantage of the headband wig is that it is not expected to attach to the wig with a baby hair wig, no clips, pins, or paste, especially delicate, stretchable, and extremely easy to wear accordingly. As a result of wearing headband wigs, no one feels warm and bold, as they are able to confirm sweat and breathe. Headband wigs can be worn both during extraordinary events and on a regular daily basis. Changing the traps / velcro offered in the interior of the valley is bound to the size of the wearer's head or basically pulling the belt over your head and you're done.



Brazilian Body Wave Hair Bundles With Closure

One of the most versatile and beautiful types of hair extensions in the Brazilian hair market. Human Hair wigs are available in a wide range of colors and lengths, and are often more shiny and silky than Indian hair.


Bundles of soft, silky and shiny body wavy hair are usually worn by women for parties and other beautiful occasions. Due to its sexy "S" shaped wave pattern, Brazilian body wave hair is a great option for amazing hairstyles. With advanced quality and excellent service, our hairstyles have received consistently good comments and impressions from many customers and are the most popular for modern girls.


Body wave is a favorite hairstyle for most of our clients as it embraces the natural wave. Try this spring season New Brazilian Body wave hair bundles with closure. Our Brazilian body wave can withstand heating, styling and dying, hair can last up to a year if properly cared for and cared for. Body wave hair has a natural thickness, which blends well with any type of natural hair.


Our Brazilian hair has become the most popular hair product, it is the best hair to make human hair bundles, close, and frontal, with virgin quality, the hair will last at least a year. Also, Brazilian hair does not tangle and fall out. Hair comes in a variety of styles, textures and styles, with many types and colors.

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