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Best Gifts for People Who Need to De-Stress

 It’s not always easy to buy gifts for people who may seem to be a bit tightly wound all the time, especially in cases where that might be an understatement. Whether you’re doing the annual Christmas shopping or making a once-in-a-lifetime purchase like engagement rings, giving a gift that removes stress from a person’s life is a true talent. Let’s look at the top three ways you can be sure your gift will do a world of good for that friend who just needs to de-stress. 

Make Life Less Stressful

Whether you’re shopping for the boss lady in your life or a close family friend, there is always the chance to give something that actually takes something away. One way to help someone de-stress is to remove the stressors in their life. So, even though it may seem a bit counterintuitive, you can actually give them the best gift by removing something from their lives.

For example, if housework adds to their daily stress, give them the gift of a cleaning service that comes every few weeks and takes care of the deep cleaning. You’ve given them a lovely gift by actually removing a negative task from their schedule.

This is just one way that you can give a perfect gift to de-stress by simply removing something that is causing stress in your friend’s life. Before you commit to giving a subscription or service as a gift, though, you should definitely double-check with your friend for details on scheduling and exactly what kind of service they’re looking for. An alternative option could be to look into weed smart options, which are known to de-stress, and could make a great gift. It can be controversial, but it has so many benefits to de-stressing so it's worth looking into! 



Make Life More Positive

Sometimes, it might not be appropriate to gift a service, or you might want something to wrap up and give to your friend. If you’re certain that you want to give an item instead of a service, be sure that you’re giving something that will definitely contribute to the overall positivity in your friend’s life. Don’t just get something because you feel obligated, and don’t settle for something that is cute but not practical. Instead, go for a gift that maximizes both function and form.

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For instance, you can start by talking to your friend about tasks around their home that could be eased with a specific tool. Or, you could upgrade something in their home that is past its prime, but that you know your friend uses frequently. 

Another option is to cover the cost of a subscription that they’re already using. For example, you can pay for a year of their favorite streaming service, or if they’re already really into fitness you can get their gym membership for a few months. The key here is to build on what they already value and use.

Make Life More Delicious

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A really popular way to de-stress is by enjoying a luxury snack or drink. These are the kinds of things that your friend probably wouldn’t buy for themselves, but they would love to receive as a gift. Some examples include a bottle of wine or a brand of chocolate that is a bit pricier than usual. Or, you can make the experience even better by giving a gift card to their favorite restaurant. That way, they’ll get to enjoy a great meal while also benefitting from the decreased stress of not having to cook or clean the kitchen.

Final Thoughts

When you’re looking for gift to help someone de-stress, it’s important to remember that your main goals should be to decrease negativity and increase positivity. This applies to all areas of gift-giving, no matter who the recipient may be. While this might mean that you give them a service or experience rather than a physical item, the feeling of less stress in their lives will mean so much more to your friend than a knick-knack. 

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