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Baby Bathing- How To Make It Safe & Stress-Free


Caring for a baby is perhaps the most challenging part of the parenting journey. From feeding to changing nappies, vaccinations, and illnesses, every part of the journey is daunting. You can expect to feel extra scared while bathing your little one. The thoughts of handling the baby’s delicate body while dressing and undressing are scary enough. It is easy to be apprehensive about things like the temperature of the water and the sting of the soap. Most babies are not happy about the experience, making it even more stressful. But you can follow some parenting advice to make baby bathing safe and stress-free. Let us share some helpful tips with you.

Create a ritual

Surprisingly, babies adapt easily to things you do in routine. Creating a bathing ritual is a good idea. Choose the right time for the activity, ideally when the baby is neither hungry nor too full. Ensure the right water temperature that comforts the skin. The temperature of the room should also be optimal. Use a soothing voice or sing a rhyme to relax the little one. Follow it every time, and the baby will take it as a cue. 

Invest in the right bathtub

Investing in a contoured baby bathtub is a good idea as it can prevent slipping and sliding. You can try one fitted with an internal sling for support when you have a newborn at home. Eventually, your regular bathtub will work when the child starts rolling and crawling. But make sure that you keep the water level extremely low when using an adult tub. Remember never to leave the infant unsupervised in water.

Pick the right products

The worst thing you can do is to use your bath products for your little one. Newborn skin is delicate, and you cannot take any chances with harsh soaps and shampoos. Pick gentle soap and tear-free baby shampoo for your precious one. Always go through the ingredients carefully to ensure they are gentle and cleanse the skin without damaging it. You can seek recommendations from your pediatrician if you aren’t sure enough.

Use a cup to rinse

Young children are often not comfortable with a sudden spray of water. An unexpected spurt can overwhelm the baby, which is the last thing you will want to do. The simple solution is to ditch the shower and use a cup to rinse the soap and shampoo of the little one’s body. The baby will feel relaxed, and it will be easier for you to monitor the water temperature. Pour slowly and clean thoroughly.

Understand what works 

While you must have a regular schedule for baby bathing, you must understand what works for your bundle of joy. You can do it every day during summers, but follow an alternate day pattern when the winter chill sets in. Water babies love to splash first thing in the morning, while others sleep better after a soak in the evening. Be flexible with the schedule, and tailor it according to the weather and preferences.

Baby bathing should be a happy time for parents and little ones, but you must do everything right. It may not be easy for first-time parents, but listening to your instincts as you learn the ropes helps. 

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