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After School Hangry? SnackMagic to the Rescue! #MBPBACKTOSCHOOL21 #REVIEW


Thanks to SnackMagic for sending this wonderful box of goodies in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

Does anyone turn into characters from the Snickers bar commercial when they are hangry? I don't often turn into a Diva or Bull, but there are those rare occasions that I'm beyond hungry and people close to me can tell. Lately, it's been discovered through crankiness, headaches, and general malaise can make others miserable. Be forewarned, this girl needs food!

 My body may not even recognize it yet.. it might be the mid-morning blues after a super early flight with no food due to an upset stomach on airplanes... or the late afternoon missed lunch because the phone didn't stop ringing and I wanted to finish that one project before I left.. then it's 4:00 pm in the afternoon. 

But, those who know me well, know me well. As my loving friend can recognize the signs, "We need to get some food in the Giraffe before she starts biting us." It's true. I need food.. not just to survive, like for nutrients, but to keep grouchy at bay. 

Yes, I admit it. I become full-on Oscar or Eeyore when I haven't eaten. Early morning isn't a big deal.. but by lunchtime, and certainly afternoon, there better be something in my stomach besides coffee!

I know a couple of my teacher friends that are like this too.. except, they don't have the luxury of working in an office and eating food when one wants to eat. There are classes to teach, kids to nurture, cafeterias to monitor, prep to be had, meetings to attend, and after-school pick-up lines to be present at. Leave little time for food.

And for our kids and teens.. they eat so early that by the time they grab their bookbags and bolt out those school doors, the little cookie monster in them is alive! 

SnackMagic is one awesome company available to help curb all of those hangry pains. Offering over 500 snacks and drinks, this is a build your own snack box company.. for all ages! 

Nutritious plentiful selections abound and will appease all members of the family! SnackMagic also offers pre-curated lunch boxes and gift boxes to take the hesitancy out of selection and let the magic work its own way! 

Y'all, I'm highly impressed with this company. It offers unique selections, wonderful snacks.. some of which I've actually heard of before, and has multiple options for the vegans and vegetarians in our midst. 

I have to admit, I had soooo much trouble selecting my snacks. I was given a $45.00 limit to fill up my box and was able to use almost all of it without going over... cookies, chips, fruit snacks, and even meat sticks all abound in my box! I tried to stick with things that were semi-healthy, but you know, some chocolate made its way into that box for sure. 

This snack selection will surely keep my stomach woes at bay when I get stuck in the office and can't leave. 

In fact, I'm going to take the entire box over this week and find a secret hiding place so that no teens (or adults) can find them! 

SnackMagic boxes can be sent to anyone! Perhaps to a new freshman hanging out on campus, to a new mom just needing a pick me up, to a teacher friend needing some snacks to make it through her days, or even to your bestie for always being there for you. 

If you don't need to send a surprise, maybe gift your own family with some delightful treats! We all know our kids of all ages enjoy snacks .. and even parents will enjoy these!

Don't have time to figure out all the selections your friends or family will enjoy? Send them a gift-card for a predetermined amount and let them sift through all the options. Trust me.. there are a LOT. There's foods, drinks, pantry items, and even health products. 

Curated kits might include items for hiking, beach days, back to school, or even family outings. 

I definitely recommend SnackMagic if you are looking for ways to fill up the bellies of all those in your household.. and are bored with the traditional snacks found at the market or grocery store. Get ready to go back to school in style with these great snacks.. remember to throw some in the car for that pick-up line! 

We are proud to feature SnackMagic in our 2021 Back to School Guide

Want it? Get it!

Create your very own SnackMagic Box for yourself or a loved one! 

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What's your favorite snack?

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