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A brief guide on surprise party: tips and advice

 Do you know how to throw a surprise party? What defines a good secret event, and how to make it positively magical?

Surprise parties are excellent ways to celebrate a certain occasion while staying low-key. But how do you make the event fit the occasion? These are the ways to prepare for surprise parties like a pro!

1. Think about the decorations

Decorations are key when throwing any party, not just the surprise event. Think about the venue and places to hide festive elements. A surprise party usually goes as follows: someone leads the guest of honor into the room full of decorations, drinks, and guests. Whatever the occasion is, start with something easy to hide. Balloons will be a great option because they are lightweight and fairly quiet (no unnecessary noises until the party reveals!) For example, if it is is a get well soon party, shop for items similar to these: https://balloons.online/mylar-foil-balloons/shop-by-theme/get-well-balloons/ 

2. Gather the allies

It is complicated to throw a party by yourself because you risk the guest of honor finding out about the event before it happens. To prevent spilling the tea and revealing the party, find someone to distract the main guest not to notice all the hustle and bustle. Ask your closest relatives or friends to occupy the guest of honor by coming up with a fake plan or asking for help. Send the invitations on the low and specify that it is, in fact, a surprise party. Ask your closest circles not to talk about the celebration or mention it accidentally.

3. Come up with a plan

It would help if you always had a Plan A and Plan B if something goes wrong and the guest doesn't want to go to your venue or has no time. Since their invitation needs to be casual and not seem fishy, your plan must be immaculate and contain several ways of resolution. It would be best to think through outcomes when someone arrives late or accidentally flashes gifts, hinting at the following party.

4. Decide on a theme of a party and specify the budget

Budgeting is key when throwing a surprise party because the whole ceremony is mystery enough, both for organizers and the guest of honor. You can not predict the outcome 100%, so at least think about things you can control, such as planning a theme and following your plan effectively. Learn about the guest's likes and dislikes, select something they will be thrilled to see. Also, because they do not choose other attendants, make sure you only invite people the guest of honor is on good terms with. You don't want to accidentally call their ex or a frenemy, right?

5. Make sure the guest wants to be surprised

Even though the whole point of a surprise party is the unexpected element, not everyone likes to be surprised. People have their bad days, tiring errands to run, as well as social anxiety. Remember that even though the party is supposed to be a thrill, you are still sort of crossing their boundaries. Some people don't like celebrating their birthdays and hate surprises, so at least do it for a good reason by choosing the appropriate date and making the guest as comfortable as possible. Ensure they won't be tired after work and talk before the event, specifying if the guest didn't have any fights and miscommunications with people present at the party. Think about every detail and remember that you control things the guest of honor doesn't know about.

6. Make it fun and effortless

Work as a team and make sure the guest of honor has a good time!

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