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6 Tips on Choosing Your Baby’s Name

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Peter, Clair, or Harry? Choosing your baby’s name can be the most exciting and difficult decision of your life! Parents or grandparents may even find themselves at odds with the names that they like, which can make this decision even harder. 

You have 9 months to decide, and time is running out. How do you decide which name will be best for your child? If you’re one of the distressed parents still searching the internet and baby books for a suitable name for your baby before you even know the gender, here are a few tips to help you!

  1. Look Up Meanings

When you’re choosing a name for your child, you should always consider its meaning. Some experts say the meaning of your name has a significant bearing on your fate, which makes it even more important to factor this in. A great way to make this decision easier is by looking up the meanings of the shortlisted names, which you can’t decide between.  

Often, the prettiest names have the most absurd meanings, putting your child in a dilemma for life whenever someone asks the meaning of their name. It is advised that you choose names that have more positive meanings so that if the assertion that name meanings dictate a person’s personality holds true, you have set your child up for success!

  1. Choose Gender Neutral Names

If you’re looking up names for your child before you even know the sex of your child, you can try to find some Gender neutral names UK. This comes in handy because no matter what the sex of your baby, you will have a name ready for them.

Another reason why you should choose gender neutral names is that they help the child exert his or her choice as they grow up. This way, we don’t confine our children to any specific gender. In today’s day and age, this has become an increasingly important concern for parents and children alike. 

  1. Say it Out Loud

The name that you choose for your baby should have a nice ring to it, i.e. it should sound nice to the ears. When you shortlist names, make sure you say every name out loud to gauge which one sounds better. This is very important as, after all, your child is going to be hearing this name all their life!

Moreover, pair this name up with the middle and last name of your child. This way, you’ll be able to see if the whole name gels well together, and while you’re at it, do run a quick internet search to ensure there aren’t any sordid characters or personalities with the same name. 

  1. Take Inspiration from Your Family Tree

Another great tip for choosing a name for your child is to get a glimpse of your family tree. When you’re deciding on a name, you might want it to have some relevance to your family. Get out your family tree, and try to gauge if you see a pattern there.

Perhaps you might even end up naming your child after yours or your spouse’s great, great grandparent! This will just make your job much simpler as well as give the name significance. 

  1. Think of Possible Nicknames

Now that you have shortlisted a few names, it’s time you cook up some nicknames as well, right? This may help you tilt in favor of one name over another. The thing is, nicknames are commonly used as an endearing term to refer to someone. 

And mind you, people are going to be referring to your child by a nickname a lot! So it helps if you can come up with a few cute nicknames that your child may be referred to as in the future. 

  1. Consider the Initials

Now that you have the first, middle and last name figured out, you should try to list down the initials. After all, you may be satisfied with the name Abigail Samantha Sabre, but when it comes down to the initials, your child may not be very pleased in the future!

Whenever you choose a name, do put it together with the child’s full name to make sure it not only sounds good but the initials won’t become a source of embarrassment for your child later on.

Happy Naming Your Child!

There is so much riding on the name that you choose for your baby, so make sure you spend some time making this very important decision. Make sure you use these 6 tips, which will help you settle on the perfect name!

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