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5 Easy scrunchies styles for every hair type


The forever-in-style scrunchies are a versatile hair accessory that can transform any hair in minutes. Whether you want to dress up or dress down your hair, you needn't look beyond the evergreen scrunchies.

The first scrunchies hit the world during the late 1980s. Rommy Revson created the first cloth scrunchie as a convenient alternative to metal hair ties that were a rage during that period.

You can even buy scrunchies online, which makes it convenient for working women who can't spend much time shopping.

Today, you can find scrunchies in every part of the world and women across the board. Even A-listers and celebrities have embraced these fabric hair ties as an essential hair accessory.

For those wondering how to style with scrunchies, we have a list of 5 simple hairstyles that you can do with scrunchies. Whether you must prepare for the next online meeting or have a sudden video call with families, these hairstyles work well for you.

You can choose from a wide range of scrunchies Canada that will help you look stylish, laid back, chic, boho, or even retro. No wonder then that scrunchies continue to be popular through the decades.

5 Easy ways to rock a scrunchie:

The Ponytail:

This evergreen easy to put together hairstyle has been the go-to style for women, especially superwomen who multitask and have less time to get ready. Ponytails are suitable for any outfit and are perfect for any occasion, whether formal or informal.

The high ponytail is a mix of retro and modern and is perfect for casual and dressy looks as well. On the other hand, low ponytails have a more laid back look and are perfect for the SAHM, who may be too busy to put together a look in minutes.

The Half Ponytail:

The half ponytail is a perfectly stylish look for those who wish to flaunt their gorgeous tresses. Perfect for all hair lengths and types, the half ponytail perfectly frames your face and gives you the much-needed classy look for dinner or date night.

The high bun:

The messy hair bun is another quickly put-together hairstyle perfect for the busy mom. Whether you are out running errands or at home finishing chores, the messy high bun is a perfect quick hairstyle. Just gather your hair into a knot at the top of your head and secure it with a scrunchie of your choice. For a more stylish look, you can leave a few hair locks loose to frame your face.

Low messy buns:

This hairstyle is perfect for women or girls with short to medium hair length. Just gather your hair, secure it with a scrunchie of your choice, and you are ready to tackle the day ahead. Bad hair day? Don't have the time or energy to wash your hair? You can rely on low messy buns to save your day and still manage to look stylish.

Quick braid:

Messy braids are another evergreen style that can be put together quickly and yet help you look presentable. Whether you prefer a single braid or twin braids, you can still manage to look put together for a day on the town or to run errands.

No matter what quick hairstyle you choose, scrunchies add a touch of oomph and style. This is largely due to the various patterns, designs, and styles available in these hair accessories.

When it comes to the best scrunchies in  Canada, we love the scrunchies from The Halo Effect. What we love is that the company upcycles all of its products and is environmentally friendly. The company also sells scrunchies in various options.

Bottom Line:

Scrunchies are excellent hair accessories that help style in minutes. These are highly versatile and are perfect no matter the length, type, and texture of your hair.

The next time you are looking for easy and versatile hair accessories, look no further than scrunchies.

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