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4 Ways to Secure a Cheap Airport Parking Space with Minimal Efforts

 Envied by many but known to few, the art of searching and getting cheap airport parking is a mystery. And, that's the very reason most people use taxi services and ride-sharing apps like Lyft and Uber. 

While these services may seem the most convenient, the added hassle is hard to ignore. Yes, for instance, many airports ban curbside pickups for taxis. So, is it better off to drive down to the airport in your vehicle? 

It indeed is since you'll go and park your car at the parking spot, take a flight and get going. Also, you'll have the advantage of keeping the exposure lower and reduce the risk of picking up the infections. And, that's where airport parking seems like the best option. But is it a costly affair? 

It can be so sometimes; thereby, it is always wise to know some trade secrets about using a cheap airport parking space with minimal effort. And, the good news is you'll save a ton of money. Can't wait to know what these are? Well, stick on to discover:

  • Book Well in Advance:

One of the cheapest ways of getting an affordable airport parking space is to book the same well in advance. 

For instance, if you're travelling from Oakland to New Jersey, you're aware of the trip details. The experts suggest booking a spot at the Oakland airport parking a few weeks before the date of departure. This tip holds the most significance during the holiday season when there is more demand. More demand means a costlier parking space. 

So, it is worth booking your parking space as soon as you've booked your departure tickets from Oakland. And, why not? It's all about saving money through advance online bookings.

  • Location, Location, and Location:

Proximity comes at a price. The closer you park at the airport, the more you'll have to pay. And that's the reason the onsite airport parking lot is more expensive than the offsite parking lot. 

Thus, if you want to save money on airport parking, consider the parking that provides a free shuttle service to and from the airport.

  • Compare Prices:

The experts cannot stress this point enough. Before booking a parking space, ensure paving a path to the comparison process. Compare various options and dates to figure out the best deal for yourself. 

It is vital to know that airport parking rates tend to fluctuate based on demand and season. You can also use some parking aggregators to compare prices, airport distance, seasonal offers, amenities, and discounts whenever eyeing the Oakland airport parking service. 

  • Search for Some Coupons:

Now that you have a fixed travel date, it's time to make a significant saving by checking websites that offer coupon codes. Just check the internet and punch your departure dates. 

After this, the apps will send you notifications about the discount offers, seasonal coupon codes, deals, etc., to reduce your parking overheads significantly. 

The Verdict- Initial Steps for Travelling on a Budget

Which tips do you use for travelling? Are you parking your vehicle in a parking spot for a cheap rate? 

If no, don't just take the word for it, instead try it yourself. In the end, do share how these cheap airport parking hacks work wonders for you. 

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