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You'll Want to Have WINEWHISK at Your Next Get-together! #MBPSUMMERFUN21 #REVIEW


Thank you to WINEWHISK for the product to review. The opinions are 100% my own.

Have you ever opened a bottle of wine to share with your friends and forgotten to aerate it? Same here! WINEWHISK has the answer! Not only can your friends aerate their glass of wine, but they will be able to keep up with their glass all night long!

WINEWISK is a type of wine aerator that you can attach to the rim of your glass. To aerate wine by the glass, all you need to do is give it a swirl. Swirl your wine, make bubbles, and release your wine's full potential. You can taste the before & after effects in every glass!



I poured a glass of soft red blend. I tasted it before using WINEWHISK and it had a dry taste and I couldn't taste anything but the oak from the barrels it was made in. After I added my WINEWHISK and swirled my glass until it formed bubbles, I could taste the smooth cherry and raspberry fruitiness the wine offered. What a wonderful difference WINEWHISK made! I love that if I have unexpected guests and open a bottle without time to aerate, I can still pour a glass for each person and they can aerate it to the level they wish. Individualized glasses of wine for all! You just can't beat that!

WINEWISK aerators also serve as wine glass charms for when you have friends over so they can remember whose glass is whose. Leave it on your glass while you drink. When you're done simply rinse for next time.

WINEWHISK Explains Aeration:


As soon as wine comes into contact with air, we are aerating it. To aerate wine means we're adding air to wine. Adding air to wine 'speeds up' the aging process, and unlocks flavors and aromas that otherwise will only be released with a little time and a lot of patience. You can do it with any wine - red, white, and rosé too. You don't want to aerate a bubbly though; you'll knock out all the bubbles!

'Letting it breathe' means opening your wine and pouring it from the bottle so it can start coming into contact with air.

Wine is usually sealed with a cork. Corks are used because they seal wine in the bottle but at the same time are still slightly 'porous'. This means they allow a tiny amount of air into the bottle over a long period of time. Once air mixes with the wine, the tannins start to break down, which helps develop that flavor profile.

Tannins come from the skins and seeds of grapes. When wine comes into contact with air, the tannins break down faster, which helps develop the flavor profile of the wine.

There are more tannins in red wine than in white wine. Why? Because when white wine is made the skins are immediately removed from the wine right after the juice is squeezed out. With red wine, the skins are left to mix with the wine. This is where tannin in red wine comes from and also how red wine gets its color!

Another fun fact about tannins is that they tell us how much a wine can age. The more tannins (or the more you feel that dry sensation in your mouth) the longer you could age that wine.

Oxidation is the chemical reaction the happens when foods come into contact with air. Oxygen ... oxidation. The same thing happens when you cut an avocado, potato, or apple. Once they are out of their skin exposed to air, they slowly start to turn brown.

Oxidation also happens when the wine comes into contact with air. Wine benefits from oxidation because it helps break down tannins and make flavors more obvious.

When you aerate wine the evaporation process starts which helps your wine smell better. Why? When wine is sealed in the bottle some nasty odors usually get sealed along with it. These odors are completely harmless. It's a necessary part of making and preserving wine.

By aerating your wine, you will identify aromas in the wine easier. You will have gotten rid of any weird odors and there will be a slightly less alcohol gas sting on the nose.

Want it? Get it!

Go get yours now at WINEWHISK’s website!


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