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What is completely denatured alcohol and what are the risks associated with its use?


Completely denatured alcohol is a term rarely used by the general public. However, it is very common among medical technicians, cleaning companies, and industrial facilities. This product represents one of the cheapest cleaning agents on the market, and it is simply perfect for larger surfaces. 

CDA 12A is available within chemical stores such as Simple Solvents. You can also find it under the alternative name CDA 12A. It is an alcohol liquid altered so that no one can drink it. Companies add various chemical substances (also referred to as denaturants) to alcohol to change its color and smell. 

When the new mixture is created, it will be hard to separate ethanol from other chemicals. That means that completely denatured alcohol cannot be repurposed or used in some other way. 

Why is alcohol completely denatured in the first place?

Regular food-grade alcohol can be very expensive. This is because the government puts high taxes on this kind of product. In a way, they are luxury items, and you need to pay extra for them. Due to these high taxes, drinking alcohol can be very pricey in certain parts of the world.

When a company changes the alcohol by adding denaturants, its purpose will also be changed. The substance can no longer be consumed. In fact, it will become completely toxic, potentially leading to numerous health hazards if used improperly. 

However, the change in chemical composition and purpose will also reduce the taxes. 

How do denatured alcohols look like?

Denatured alcohol can be altered in numerous ways. Some products will be very stinky, while others will have an awful taste (if you're unfortunate enough to try them). In some cases, a liquid will change its color, making it very obvious that the substance is not for drinking.

In a lot of cases, completely denatured alcohol will have a purple or blue color. We get this color by adding aniline dye. It is one of the best ways to distinguishing this liquid from regular food-grade alcohol. 

Whether or not a denatured product will have a different color depends on the country's regulation. In some parts of the world, you don't have to change color, but instead, you can perform some other alternation. A good example of this is the US, where completely denatured products can have a clear color like ethanol.

What are the potential health hazards when using denatured alcohol?

Completely denatured alcohols mix several chemicals together. Oftentimes, this leads to very volatile mixes. And while a lot of products provide a list of chemical ingredients, that doesn't make them less dangerous.

Almost any type of contact with completely denatured alcohol can lead to some sort of negative consequence for your body. One of the biggest issues is that we cannot tell with certainty what kind of medical problem you'll encounter. For example, a lot of companies use methanol for denatured alcohols. If you consume this type of substance, you might experience organ and nervous system damage as well as a risk of cancer. In worst cases, people have died from this mixture. 

What is the chemical composition of completely denatured alcohol?

There are so many different ways to denature alcohol, and it is really hard to make a simple list of all the possible combinations. Oftentimes, the chemical composition of a product will vary based on its purpose.

So, if ethanol was intended as a fuel or a solvent, it will have at least 5% of methanol. This is a highly flammable liquid and a potential workplace hazard. In fact, these substances shouldn't be used if you don't have proper fire equipment and ventilation systems.

Methanol goes through the skin and produces toxic results. As such, this chemical should never be used for cosmetics and other products that get in touch with your skin and mucous membrane.

However, that doesn’t mean that all denatured products are harmful; some of them can be used for healthcare products. To be precise, SDA or specially denatured alcohol has both ethanol and other chemicals that are suitable for human use. 

Where to buy completely denatured alcohol? 

If you wish to buy CDA 12A, there aren’t many shops better than Simple Solvents. The store has dealt with strong chemicals for years, and they have special processes in place ensuring that a liquid arrives safely to your destination. 

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