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Weekends with the Wigglesworths-Doing the Summertime Things


Happy Saturday, friends. Hard to believe it's already July, but here we are. The Wigglesworth crew has been taking it easy so far this summer. Lots of reading, relaxing, and a few fun 'projects' thrown in. 

We've been working on our summer reading goals. We each had a goal of 10 books read and currently R is leading the pack with 3 books completed and she is mid-way through the 4th. D is right behind her, having finished her 3rd book. I have just started book #2, so I really need to catch up. 

We've also been testing out a few things we've seen online, from magic tricks to projects. I'll share the 2 most recent here:

I saw a TikTok video and had to try this "magic trick"!

The DIY room cooler Matt made after we watched this video and had to test for ourselves just how well it worked!

Today we are heading to visit with Matt's parents and celebrate their anniversary! I'm not sure which anniversary this is, but I believe it's the 46th. That's a lot of love and a great reason to celebrate! 

Hope you have a great weekend!

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