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Top 4 reasons to attend Summer Camp


Every year,  I get the amazing opportunity to bring children and teens to summer camp. We attend Camp Lutheridge, located in Arden NC. This camp has existed 1951 and provides a safe place for children, teens, and adults to get away, grow, and discover. 

The teens I brought with me have learned about their faith, have seen God at work in creation, have made new friends, have learned new things from their counselor, and have grown immensely in confidence! 

There is something about a week of summer camp that allows us the opportunity to figure out who we are becoming and shows us ways of living into that!

This year, Lutheridge has done a fantastic job at providing a safe atmosphere in spite of the worries of covid. In our Middle School Program, 96 students have faithfully worn masks, followed directions, but have still had lots of fun! 

So, here are my top reasons that children, teens, and even adults should consider summer camp!

1) Intentional Time to Be Apart

Routines keep us busy. Taking intentional time to be apart from our daily routine helps us to rest, to grow, and to discover. Then we can go back excited and refreshed, ready to tackle what life throws at us!

2) Faithful Caring Adults

Summer Camp exposes our children and young people to caring young adults and adults. Counselors give up their entire summers to care for our children and teens- doing without showers, without their own comforts, without their own technology. Sure, they get paid, but its not enough! 

Also, Summer Camp typically provides children a chance to interact with other caring adult leaders. Those leaders can model compassion and love to children who may not always experience it at home. 

3) Making and Keeping Friends

Forced interaction is awkward, but our children and youth walk away from their weeks of summer camp with amazing stories and relationships that hopefully last forever! From the friends made during cabin time, to friends made during small group time, Summer Camp allows the opportunity for our youth to step outside their comfort zones. They get better at talking to one another, asking for help, and having deeper conversations. Of course- the inside jokes help! 

4) Developing Communication and Confidence Skills

When our children and teens attend summer camp, mom and dad are not with them. While Moms and Dads might be sitting at home worrying about their children, often the child is having a blast! Children and Teens are forced to identify what they need, and thus develop their confidence skills! Also, the interaction with cabin mates, at meal times, and during challenges like climbing walls, helps our children and teens to speak out and become comfortable communicating with their peers rather than hiding behind a text message or computer screen. 

This year, many students are dealing with anxiety and emotions surrounding the stay at home time and the weirdness of their academic year. It has been amazing to see them grow, to see them laugh, and to see them relax after such a stressful year!

I hope that you consider sending your child to summer camp in the future. You will see such a great change in them between drop off and pick-up when you do!

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