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Thank you to Periogen for the products to review. The opinions are 100% my own.

Are you looking for a healthy way to take care of tartar build-up and gum health, while also adding some brightness to your pearly whites? USA-made Periogen is clinically proven around the world to reduce dental tartar buildup, the primary cause of gum disease. It is also easy to use and leaves my gums clean and happy!

Consistent and proper brushing and flossing are still the best ways to care for your teeth and minimize tartar buildup, but the rinses that leave you feeling minty fresh and deceptively clean may actually be making things worse. Liquid mouthwashes kill germs, but they kill both good and bad germs and are acidic which hardens plaque into tartar! 

Using common FDA-approved ingredients and NO alcohol, Chloride (CPC), or Chlorhexidine (CHX), Periogen softens tartar and removes buildup by 40% making dental cleanings much easier. 

The Periogen Starter Kit combines everything you’ll need to take your oral health to the next level, including Periogen’s Tartar Control Toothpaste, powdered rinse concentrate, mint travel packets, soft toothbrush, and swishing cup.

The process is easy and can be completed in about 6-8 minutes. Well, that's about how long it took me.
I am going to walk you through the steps to show you how easy it is! Here is what my teeth looked like before using the Periogen kit.

Step One: Brush properly with their
Periogen Tartar Control Formula Toothpaste. Periogen Tartar Control Formula Toothpaste is bio-activated and neutralizes mouth acids to create a normal pH environment while softening plaque deposits and preventing elements in saliva from binding with dental plaque to form tartar on teeth. There is no fluoride or titanium dioxide in it and no foaming agents. A little goes a long way!

Step Two: Floss properly

Step Three: Use the powdered concentrate and cup included to mix and then swish and rinse. Periogen Oral Health Rinse prevents and reduces tartar buildup.

Periogen is so easy to use and leaves your mouth and gums feeling clean and fresh! Periogen’s unique blend of proven safe ingredients prevents the hardening of dental plaque buildup into tartar. Periogen has a mild neutral flavor, is not acidic in any way with a healthy 7.5 pH, and will not harm enamel, glues, or dental appliances.

Here is a look at my teeth after using Periogen:

Want it? Get it!

You won't regret your purchase of Periogen Starter Kit! You can order yours today at Periogen's website or on Amazon!

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