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Surprise Date Day

This past Thursday was hubby's birthday and I struggled with gift ideas.  My boss told me that her and her husband don't gift too often and usually go for experiences because they will last a lifetime.  Taking a page from her, I booked a date day throwing axes and eating at a new place.  Talk about an experience. 

I'm really big on TikTok and learn about all these places, items, and songs that are all new to me. I found a really unique place to go and eat that I have been dying to get to and this weekend we made it happen.

Ax throwing was harder than I thought it would be but after a stressful week, it was really quite cathartic. We played 2 games with each of us winning 1. We laughed and took goofy pictures.

My husband had a blast and trying new things got me out of my comfort zone. We had an amazing time. I agree with my boss, make the experience over picking gifts. The memories mean more.

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